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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

10 Ways to Perk Up Your Business with the Help of Facebook Fan Page

Today if you ask someone which social media is most popular, I thing 8 out of 10 will give you the same answer – FACEBOOK!!! We know that Facebook is a social network that helps in your business and marketing. We see maximum businesses spend on different funds to establish a fan page on Facebook.

Usually Facebook is a social network, which is not only a shopping or marketing network. So why businessmen spend their money on this! A member may not buy anything on Facebook, but the relationship you establish that can help your business in many ways.

Here are top 10 ways to perk up your business with the help of Facebook fan page. However, we are going to divide our post into two parts.

Today we will be sharing only five tips to jig up your soul and SEO expertise.

No 1. Try To Have another Outpost for Your Business

When you create a fan page on facebook, its gives you another outpost for your business, product and it also help you to create new customers, feature employees, vendors and media preference for your company’s products. As we know that in Facebook, personal profiles are only accessible for member. But Facebook fan page have no restriction to access with login, because facebook pan page are public facing by default. Anyone can access fan page without logging in Facebook and take all information they want.

No 2. Helps to Drive Large Traffic to the Website

Facebook fan page have no restrictions on powerful traffic to your websites. On the other hand, Facebook encourages you to link your sites from your fan page. Usually small amount of people can make a huge amount of daily traffic to your websites. Try to turn your Facebook member into fans and fans into customers. Result will promote your fan page and websites. Insert a facebook widget on your sites and link with your facebook fan page.

No 3. Perk up Your SEO Tactics

Social search engine like Google and all other popular search engines are now indexing content created on sites like Facebook. Thus, Facebook fan page content has the potentiality to generate favorable search engines result for your business as well as the products. Linking your fan page, you can create more traffic for your sites.

No 4. Engage with Your Community That Too Free

Facebook fan page provides a free alternative to implement customer engagement for your sites. Just in a minute, you can have a branded fan page where your customer or others can post on your facebook wall, share videos and pictures. Always ask and answer their questions, with helps of this they can interact with you and others. Use the discussion tans to manage the fan page. It is better than launching or monitoring the discussion forums or message boards on your own domain. 

No 5. A Direct Connection between You and Your Customers

With help of Facebook fan page, you can directly connect with your fans. If you want to send messages to your all fans or selected fans according to their ages or their city, state or country wise, use the events App and send them messages. If you have any schedule events or promotions and send invitations only to those people who lives near the town, where the events will occur and all of this are free of cost to any business or brand using Facebook.

Guys, well, today we have to stop our pen to scribble and keep the rest five points for the following day. Just try these five and come back, we have another five tips for a surefire result.

Monday, March 25, 2013

How Can You Earn Some More Money From The Blog in 2013? 5 Cool Ways!

Are you a blogger? Do you own a personal or a business blog? Do you earn money from it? Obviously, you do. But, how to earn some extra bucks! Confused, thinking what I may be speaking about! Guys, chilax it’s all about keeping your traffic high and reaping some better profit with fresh ideas.

We know that you generally earn a good sum of money from the blogs. And you are well aware that the blogging is a rock-hard way to earn money?

You may have applied many tactics to make money online with the power of blogging. But, are interested to know how you can earn some money with blogs in 2013? So are you ready to know how to earn more money with help your blog or blogs?

As we have get down to discuss on this interesting topic, let us share the most exciting part - to increase the traffic and earn a good source of revenue you do not need to invest. You do not have any extra charges, but yes, you are surely going to earn a good deal of money.

You get access to free online assets and websites such as Blogger, WordPress etc to build the smaller online companies and personal those who have a very small budget for marketing.

You would be surprised to know that the object could let you get all those measures free and online. You do not need a lot of money to perk up your blog. It is the easiest way to get your business out there in the popular crowd.

Here are 5 essential tips to perk up your blog:

1.       Keywords

When you create a blog for your business or individual purpose, the first thing that you need to remember is to add right keyword for your blogs, because keywords are essential for your blogs or blog posts. Use search engine like Google to find out which keyword most searched by people for the particular type of products and services. So, put that keyword on your blog post to increase search engine result. But beware Google latest update (Panda) and follow those all rules in your blogs. Its not enough that add good keyword always check them regularly.

2.       Post Fresh Content and Update Regularly

Update your blog with spanking new content, because search engine like fresh and 100% unique content. Update your blog often and keep things fresh. Write entraining and interesting content and keep your reader happy. If your readers are happy then your blogs will improve in search engine and get more traffic.

You need to create unique content with related but non-competing bloggers and ask them to write guest posts on your blog. Reciprocal link building will help you to increase traffic for both parties (you and your subscriber) without making your subscribers feel as if you have forced the advertisements on them.

My personal experience says the way I have been blogging since the last month I saw that I have more traffic and better SERP result in the months when I was fully active. I also saw that my ranking also decreased in the month when I had posted the least. That’s why my friends update your blog regularly and post regular with latest topic and keep your readers happy.

3.       Social Media

What you think about social media? It is not only a platform for making new friends and chat with them. With the help of social media, you can increase your traffic and promote your products. Link your social media channels to your blogs and share your blog post on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc.

Today Facebook is the most popular social network, but how to use Facebook for your blogs. Here are simple ways to create Facebook fan page and update all your post and your blogs.

Now another new trend is here, what’s that? Do you know? It’s another simple friend’s, it’s + (Google+). Add Google + in your blog and see, how Google+ helps your blog to rank batter.

You also use other social media sites like tweet your post on twitter, repin on Pinterest, and share your blog and blog posts on LinkedIn.

4.       Use Different Strategy for Your Blog Post or Article

Write interesting topic that people wants to read. But first, you should know how people search and what they need? Maximum people use top 10, top 5 keywords when they search anything. So when you post any article on your blog try to use this kind of word in your article title. On the other hand, people want save their money and time, so make sure that your tips on post have real value and are helpful. Readers like to read post, which they can easily relate with themselves and are current enough to arouse their interest, and draw their attention.

5.       Tired and Tested Way: Freebies

Freebies are one of the trial and tested method, which helps to grow your business. It is better to use the competitors, samples and free guides in the blog posts to encourage the readers to share them with the friends. Do make sure that the people subscribe to order their free product and maximize the potential opportunities of your blog.

You have a good way to use this data, just create incentive to give away. A few books are their which acts as guides and eBooks, which helps to cover the issues on a particular topic. Arrange them in the sidebar of your blog, and letting your readers to subscribe to the email list. This will let you avoid the spammy methods and build a healthy list.

Try to improve your expertise and writing skills to promote your blog, so that it does not seem that you are selling through your blog. A blog which sells never appeals to the customer, be tactful and make it large! If you are newbie, do follow these five tips to perk up your blog.

Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Know Your SEO Is Working or Not

Hello friend’s here we are with a new but not so interesting yet a knowledgeable topic that will make you know how your SEO is effective on your web site. We know that many company or individual spend their money on SEO every month. If they are not benefited, so why they spend their money on it?

When we talk about this, the first question comes in our mind is that how would we know that SEO are effective for my websites or not?

If we ask those persons who know the SEO, well it will be foolishness for me. However, my friends who know nothing about SEO, how will they know about those technical things? As per my knowledge, when I entered in SEO industry it was totally unknown to me.  However, as time passed, gradually my knowledge got better.

Therefore, this topic is for that person who does not know anything about SEO and spend their money. They do not know how to track that SEO campaigns which are improving their sites in search engine. There are easier ways you can use to determine and analyze results free.

Let’s check some of the ways among them to analyze the result and have better traffic at our sites.

Check Traffic from Search Engine

If you see that your daily view of site are growing up in your SEO analytics dashboard, then this may be clear signal that your SEO campaigns are working well. Google analytic tool tell you clearly that from where in particular your traffic are coming. In general, if you see that it’s coming from Google itself then you can be confident that your SEO campaigns doing well.

Check this way soon to make your website rank well in the Google search engine.

Having Higher Sales Conversions

As like if, you are selling a service or a product on your sites and you see suddenly that your daily sells are increasing, then this may be another sign that your SEO is working well. However, many times your business increases for many other reasons, so how do you know that you get this benefit only from the SEO.

If you are connected with email or even comments, these two activities may be the signal that your SEO is paying off. Compare your latest result with your previous result if before you have not tried SEO. Check the difference between them then you can guarantee yourself that your SEO working.

Use of Rank Trackers

If you have some money to put on one side then you use keyword rank tracker. With help of this tracker you can easily find that which keyword is ranking in the search result or not and then you can know that your SEO is working effectively or not. This way you can always be aware of your rank status.

So my friends keep these headlines in your mind when you want to know that your SEO campaign is working or not.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 Tips To Make Your Guest Post Easily Acceptable To Major Websites – PART -II

Good day Guys!
Stop being lazy and lousy. We have something new in store for you.
We are back again with the same topic on guest posting. In the previous post, we have said that, you have to measure your steps before you think to offer guest post on other’s website.

Now same old topics is not going to excite the editor of the guest blog, try something cool, hot and refreshing!!

For that, you need to follow the 5 major steps. The previous two steps have been discussed in our earlier session now we will be discussing the rest.

Research Is Must Before You Write an Article
If you write a guest post, you will wish that the website owner accepted it. However, before you feel so make sure that the website you approach is relevant. If you write an article, which is completely unrelated to the website niche, then there are chances of being rejected, or you could be banned forever. Unbelievably this happens. It is better to read the about us section. This will inform you about the niche of the website. Go through the articles of the particular website that are posted in the past. Do not write a similar topic but something new to attract the attention of the readers of that website.

Thorough Pitch of Your Article Is Necessary
Pitching the guest post to the editor is necessary. This is the point when the walking on eggshells begins. You want that the editor likes your article, so you have to email in a creative way that will address a few questions:

1.    Who you are and why you have the urge to guest on the editor’s site?

2.    What is the topic of your article?

3.    How will it help the website owner?

4.    Offer them to change anything in the article if necessary.

5.    Ask them to get back to you about whether or they are going to use the article submitted.

Remember if you are nice and polite, there is no reason that the editor will not read your article and answer your email. If the approach is rude, editor will ignore you.

Promoting Through the Social Media Platform
This is the last and the most important that you should remember or follow while you offer guest posts. Every time the guest post are posted on their website, be sure that you use the social media platform to promote your article. Tweet it to your friends and connection over the LinkedIn.

Tweeting good content will help to get back good followers to your website. This will help the site you are writing for they are more likely to work with you again if you help them to publicize their site.

If you get over with the hang of guest posting, then it will be rewarding for you. There are industries, where you put a lot of stress and then it is over. With guest posting you will see that the articles are going to stay in the website forever, you will never be short of ammo when it comes to impress the audience of the guest posting website and drive the traffic at your websites.

Friday, March 8, 2013

5 Tips To Make Your Guest Post Easily Acceptable To Major Websites – PART - I

Good day guys, we had taken a short break and now we are back with loads of energy.

If you are a blogger then you must know the recent trend of ‘Guest Posting’. Being a “guest” is always exciting until you actually get there. It is a nerve cracking experience when you feel that you are walking on an eggshell.

Chill, people if you want to earn some extra brownies we have different easy to suit you. If you hope to offer a guest post to a major blog in order to get back a link, then you can surely do it.

The internet is the most portable medium that one can have

Since the Internet has become so portable that many individuals are starting to realize that guest posting is a great way to show off your writing skills while working from home. Many websites allow guest posts in exchange for a payment, because they want their site to have constant quality content. This makes guest posting very attractive to many. For that reason the competition to write the best guest post is fierce.

Companies have started to use the guest post as a bandwagon for number of reasons:

It is a way to link back to their own website which will generate clicks and website traffic. Guest posting helps capture the eyes of another website’s audience, which will increase brand awareness. Links to reputable websites improve a company website’s page rank; thus helping it climbs the top of search engine results.

Guest articles give your company a chance to show that you are an expert in your field (assuming the content is high quality), which helps boost your company’s reputation.

The benefits of guest posting are many. For individual guest posting is a way to help pay the bills. For companies of guest posting is an easy way to extend the reach and increase the reputation of a brand. Luckily there is now advice to help you learn how to get your posts accepted (Hopefully without walking on eggshells).

5 Ways That Will Help Get Your Guest Article Accepted

Let me divide the 5 points into two sequels and keep it in store for the next day. Today I will share the two most important aspects of the guest posting, the rest three will follow up on our next session.

Link Back To a Quality Site
Do not spend your time in guest posting if you are linking back to an unprofessional site. This works for both businesses as well as the individuals. If the company or the website you are working for is not up to par, then writing guest posts for it and linking back to that site is actually going to hurt the company or blog as well, along with your personal reputation as an online writer.

Don’t Offer Guest Post On a Random Website
The good bloggers take time to know the specific blogs. If you find websites, you like to read, start commenting on the articles and tweet out the pieces that you find interesting. Chances are there that the editor will notice that you are enjoying his or her blog/website. When it comes to guest post, your article will likely be accepted.

These two tips are for today’s session we are likely to continue it on the following day. Till then stay tune…