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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top 100 SEO Tips For Small Business Owners – Part 2

In the previous list, we just shared 25 ideas to channelize SEO of your business website. Yes, SEO is the most essential aspect that you need to maintain in order to make your website established in the digital marketing arena.

You will come across myriad of options to test drive the SEO proposition of your website but which one is important which one is less important, is hard to distinguish at times.

Here are scoops of 25 more SEO tips coming ahead. Do you want to know what they are? Then go ahead read them now!

26.Web Traffic - How Important It Is?

Why do you generally use SEO, well to trap traffic in a large quantity? Without a good number of people viewing your site, you won’t get the right exposure. You need to realize the importance of the website traffic. Thus, realize the importance of the internet traffic to experience a different SEO luxury.

26.Be Choosy About Your Domain Name

Do you know when it comes to selection of domain names you have to be little careful and selective? You have to choose a domain name related to the niche you deal. It makes it easier for the recall your website.

27.Get A Strong Position For Your Keyword

To get success in the online marketing you have to establish the main keyword of your website. If you are able to do that then you can optimize the webpage easily. If possible, use it in your domain name also.

28.Do You Know Who Your Tough Competitor Is?

You have to get ahead of your tough contender and hence you have to know the man or woman behind. If you want to pass them you have to do a lot of research, so that you can take advantage of the techniques.

29.Use Of Pay Per Click

If you have the monetary support to carry both SEO and PPC, then try to do both. PPC is costly, as you will get visitors straight from the website for any keywords that you want.

30.Take Care Of The SEO Quality

Do you know the low quality of the backlinks or the low quality on-site content can penalize your site by the popular Search Engines? So take care of the quality work done.

31.Authorship Of Your Contents

With Google Authorship, you get the ability to claim contents, articles, blogs that you have created. Those who have registered with Google Authorship they get an Authorship Snippet in the SERP.

32.Content Appears On The 1st Page

If the content that you produce cannot compete contents in the first page for a keyword, then your site does not justify ranking there.

33.Engaging Contents Is A Necessity

If you can provide engaging content to your website then you will be able to receive viewers, who will spend maximum time on your site. These viewing times will send the signal to the search engines and your site will deserve a good ranking.

34.Content Marketing Hits Readers And Not Search Engines

Just don’t waste your time creating content that does not serve the purpose of your readers. Content marketing helps to boost your business by engaging readers on interesting topics of your niche and finally persuade them to buy.

35.Get Rid Of Duplicate Contents

Search Engine will penalize you if you have a similar kind of content on your website. So remove them fast, rather just now.

36.Borrowing Contents From Other’s Websites

If you copy contents from other’s website then the Search Engines degrades the value of your website. So restrain yourself from copying contents.

37.Follow Up The Google Changes And Traits

As all knows Google changes their Algorithm often, it crosses almost 500 changes in a single year. You have to keep a tab on all of them and update your website according to it.

38. Stress on Internal Linking

If you want to maintain the flow of your page rank then you need to give a strategic thought to the internal linking especially in global navigation.

39.Naah...You Should Not Buy Links

You should never buy links. It is a prestigious option hence you should always earn it.

40.Remove The Weakest Link

Do you know every website has a weak link? It is important for the Search Engine Optimizer to locate the weakest link and remove. You have to keep on repeating this practice until it becomes perfect ‘T”.

41.Take Care Of The Meta Descriptions

As Google cuts off the Meta Description around 156 characters, so it is necessary to design them according to your website preference, keyword value and visibility.

42.Link Placement Should Be Strategic

When we talk about links, we have to make sure that where we are linking. A link in the middle paragraph of your content has more value that the link in the side or bottom of the page. A link at the top is stronger than link below the content.

43.Host A Blog For Your Website

Having a blog will help you to add new pages of content to your website.

44. Write For Other’s Blog As Guest

Guest Posting is the right term to define the point. People will automatically link back to your website if you provide unique and quality content that is appropriate for their website niche.

45.Interlinking Of Home Page To Most Important Pages

This is a strategy that most of the people like to adopt while doping SEO.  Interlinking the home page to the important pages of your blog or website helps to improve the rankings of the particular page.

46.Remove Those Unnecessary Links

You need to link those pages in other’s websites that will solve the queries of your visitors. If it does not interest them, then they are not going to peep back on your website.

47.Interlinking Co-Bloggers

If you want people to link back to your site, you need to do the same. This will make you gain their notice and thus have a fair chance of linking back.

48.Have Relevant Websites To Contact

You need to grow a good relationship with the other small businesses, promote each other’s site, thus making SEO simpler and cheaper.

49.Call Up To Build Good Relationship

Emails is a faster and cheapest way to contact, but there are chances that prospects may ignore them, so try to call the possible prospect.

50.Get Personal Like The Big Daddies

Reflect your personality and individuality through the off-site SEO process like emails, guest post, etc. Make others feel interested in engaging or contacting you.

Here are more 25 from our SEO magical bag. Wait for more 50 in the next two post coming right up in the next few weeks!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Top 100 SEO Tips For Small Business Owners

You might have come across many a reputed blog who imparts careful advice to make your small business website successful. In order to rank comparatively well in the SERP you have to adopt the proper SEO techniques. Big companies do have big budgets for their SEO, but small business owners cannot adopt such a large budget.

Does that mean small business owners will resent the use of SEO? Just because SEO is expensive, they will leave their own share of online profits. Legendary Whitetails, Dog Pack Snacks, Chocolate for Breakfast is some well-known small businesses that have earned both name and fame with proper SEO. Do you think that they had big budgets in the beginning?

No, they never had that most were actually home-based or family owned business. Take for example The Chicken Chick at Egg Carton Labels by ADozenGirlza retailer of chicken egg carton labels. Imagine how the owner made it popular.

However, we are taking help of SMO (social media optimization) but having a proper SEO will let you get a pull towards the SMO platforms in a better way.

So let me share some exciting SEO tips to make your small business a well-known brand among the competitors. 

Here We Go. Fasten Your Seat Belt, 100 Tips Comes Ahead! 

Wait! 100 in one day, no chance. I am going to share the list in four parts for better accuracy and application in your daily life.

Today take a sip of 25 SEO tips for your small business website!

1. Do SEO Regularly - Are you doing SEO? NO (how shocking!). If you do not do it then the website will have no visitors from the search engines. 

2. Stress on the Key Phrases - Focus on the search of new key phrases, which we call the long tail keywords. Find those keywords that are relevant to your business. 

3. Use Both On-Page and Off-Page Optimization - Achieve better results by doing both on-page and off-page SEO. 

4. Chuck Out Competitors Phrases - Keep a close eye on the keyword and phrases your competitor is using and try to set a different set of keyword to make your approach unique. This will let you rank higher than the competitors.

5. Simple and Navigable Website – You have to retain a clean and simple small business website. Choose a search-engine friendly CMS. This allows the search engine crawlers to rank and index pages, makes the site attractive, navigable and encourages them to stay longer and click through. 

6. Which Keywords Sets the Competition on Fire? – Search for the sites that are ranking in the first page of the popular search engines like Goggle, Bing, and Yahoo. Look which keywords are helping them to enjoy such an ensuing position, use them on-site and off-site to climb the summit.

7. Similar SEO Strategy May Not Work For You – An SEO strategy that has worked for one website may not work for you, since two websites have many variables to face.

8. Expensive SEO Does Not Always Brings Results – Yes, people if you are a small business owner, then it is obvious that you are having a small budget. To get big and genuine result one does not need to have a big budget. You need to invest your precious time in creating good content and building online relationship.

9. Share Information through Web Channels – Submit the information of your website content like articles and blogs to web directories, online groups, forums etc to increase the site relevance.

10. SEO Results Are Not Instantaneous – If you expect that if you start SEO from today, you will get a big bag of benefit by tomorrow, well then let me tell you it is not the way SEO works. It follows the Aesop’s Moral Lessons “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”. SEO work done today may accredit you by upcoming week or months. 

11. Grow Your Patience – Is your website new? Then it is tough to build the SEO relationship faster. To develop both authority and trust you have to grow your patience. 

12. Get Serious With the MetaTags - Make sure that MetaTags reflects the keywords and phrases of your site content, so that it becomes easily navigable and ranks higher in the SERPs.

13. Algorithm Updates – As search engines evolves out most of the time, so get conscious and adapt to the algorithm updates to retain the good rankings. 

14. Get Experts Advice – Guys this is serious, when you think to make something constructive you have to seek expert’s opinion. Check out the Webmaster Guidelines and Webmaster Help Videos for reference, after you begin your small business SEO.

15. Title Tags Reflecting Your Business - Make sure to use those kinds of title tags that reflects the insight of your business and match with the key phrases. Keep the title tags within 70 characters. 

16. Risking Your Goggle Penalties – Will you like your website to face the Google Penalties? Of course not, if you become a target them you will encounter a huge loss of visitor to your site. 

17. Optimize the Location – It is important from the day you start SEO for your website. Local SEO helps to bring business closer and relevant to your market targeting those people who have high chances of conversion.

18. Google Places and Google Maps – Make sure that you have your own claim to the Google Places Listing and a Google Map Listing for your small business website. 

19. Start Using Google Webmaster Tools – To finds out what keywords helps your website to rank and, which other sites links to your websites. 

20. Start Using Google Analytics – In order to find out how many visitors comes to your website daily, the keywords they use daily to search your website, what pages they visit, for all this you need to start using Google Analytics. 

21. Diversify the Traffic Source – Google is an exciting source of traffic generation but if you rely on it by 100% then there are chances to fall in a vulnerable state.  

22. Compelling Content is All You Need – Writing content on specific keywords id good, but with search engine crawlers are getting updated. They like to index pages with informative contents. Lower the keyword density to avoid being tagged as spam. Quality content is able to engage the larger audience.

23. Register Yourself with Major Search Engines- In some parts of United States, Canada, most of Europe and some parts of Asia Google registers a website after they get a postcard from the various website to register it. If your business is not on this location, then find out what are the major search engines in your country and get registered. 

24. You are Solely Responsible for All Actions on Your Website – Search Engine won’t exempt you from a penalty, since you were not aware or you were not knowing the specifications. The website is yours, and the SEO strategy implemented must be known to you. 

25. Your Website is Never Finished – As soon as you start getting high ranks in the SERPs do not stop improving your website. Keep on implementing new and exciting feeds to let it improve in the upcoming days. Thus retaining higher page rank in the search engines.  

Huh, it’s just 25, and more 75 to go. Hold your breath till we come up with the next set of 25 SEO tips.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

“Long Tail Keywords” – What Are They?

Do you want to reach a targeted set of traffic and conversions? What do you need?

Well, the answer is hidden in the title itself.  It is the use of long tail keywords, which SEO experts adopt often to rank higher in the SERPs.

People who are into the digital marketing or prefer to use SEO for their business website have a common thought. SEO is the process to please, and a get a higher rank in the Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask and other popular search engines.

Is it so easy to get a higher rank in the search engines? 


You need to do a lot of keyword research to please the search engines. What are KEYWORDS?

Keywords are nothing but the actual key phrases or search terms that people types into the search boxes to find out something suitable for them. With the keyword research you can find keywords that are –

·         Popular – one which can pull a huge crowd

·         Less Competitive – that can easily rank and hardly used by other users

Now coming to the main discussion - What is a long tail keyword? 

Long Tail Keywords are coagulation of certain SEO related words or phrase that can contain more than three words. These phrases are hardly searched by users. Say you are searching for good Tablets (commonly called TABS), what will you type in the search box? Generally, you type:
  • Tablets
  • Where to get cheap tablets
  • Samsung/ Dell/ LG/ LENOVO/ Apple tablets
  • Buy tablets on EMI
  • Features of the best tablets
  • How to buy a tablet online
It is not the use of three or more keywords that have assigned the name to these new keyword research technique, it is more because their number of searches is more, compared to the smaller ones. 

Look at the blog in MOZ for further reference:

Why we are asking to use long tail keywords in your search engine optimization? Wondering why?

The popular keywords are generic and short and they are competent enough as all tries to get a number of searches through them. Those keywords at the same time are hard to keep in rank or appear in the 1st page of the popular search engine like Google, Bing or AOL.

Big companies love to invest a lot in the SEO just to make their website rank better than their rivals and that too with keywords that are unique and easily gets a good SERP. Small business owners often lag behind and they do not have the high budget to maintain such a costly SEO team.

Small business owners in that case can use the long tail keywords and trust me you won’t be drained out of keywords. The stock of long-tail keywords is immense. Only drawback is that long tail keywords have less number of searches compared to the short keywords.

However, do you know combining those short keywords you can frame long keywords and thus rank relatively in an easy manner? Your ROI is going to be great in that case.

This article is the general introduction to the definition or description of long tail keywords. It has been famous for some days after the series of Google updates. We will be coming up with our next articles on the advantages of long tail keywords in SEO for both small and big business owners.