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Showing posts with label blogging. Show all posts

Friday, August 8, 2014

Curtain Raiser for New Content Marketing Show in 2014

Marketers, netizens and online business owners go gaga over content marketing. We know content is KING and sharing contents on right platform is the QUEEN. If your online business needs more search visibility, you have to jump on the bandwagon of content marketing.
Well, 85% of the business has joined the show of content marketing this year and 42% have drafted a strategy to implement contents in action during the peak season of their business. So what is keeping you low?

Content is going to fill the sales pipeline to the brim if it conveys the right brand message with their formative text, visual appeal or audibility and that is enough to influence the readers. Content is no more textual, it is now both visual and audible, so you have more opportunity to share your brand stories. Contents go viral almost at any platform and it can reach any geographical barriers.

Hence, what you need is the perfect recipe and right kind of spices to look up for a rich gourmet brand story and serve it hot with eye-catching garnishing.

To know more keep look at this Infographic from Clicky:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

5 Blog Promotion Must-Do’s for Every Blogger

Bloggers, we do not think that there is a single day when you have stopped writing. Right?

You might take a daybreak from writing blogs, but what about blog promotion! You have to keep on sharing until it makes your traffic funnel saturated.

Blog promotion is one of the popular techniques used by search engine optimizers for internet marketing. Blog promotion is a great stage that can put ahead personal view, a picky service or everything related to a business or business hubs. And this is the main aim for every blogger or blog promotion.

An important feature about a blog is that it brings visitors with the help of a snacky content. The narrative writing style used in blog writing creates interest among blog readers. For that reason, the blogs draws more attention from visitors and help websites to fetch the maximum number of hits, a good rank and a high position in the search engine.

There are many ways to promote the blog. Moreover, we have to consider the various factors that affect blogs while promotion. Understanding those factors is helpful to make best possible use of blogging strategies.

Follow these five tips given below to promote your blogs and get more benefit from it.

Submit Blogs to Blog Directories

A blog directory is one of the great ways to promote your blogs. If you want your blog to stay visible in the world of web, then you have to submit your content to popular blog directories such as Bloggeries, OnTopList, GlobeofBlogs etc. You can also get backlinks to your blog post and it will be a great source of blog promotion for your business or products.
Email Marketing

You can get many applications in a blogging platform. Email marketing is another great way to promote your blog. It is done among a large pool of audience. Give out newsletters that performs the task of informing the subscribers regarding latest posts as well as various promotions that a blog is ready to offer.

Social Media

Today there are many social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Myspace etc., and those sites take an effective role to play in the promotion of blogs. Spending some time on these popular social media sites helps you to can earn a huge visitor for your blogs or sites. You can also build a great network for your sites.

Commenting other Blogger blogs

Commenting on other blogger's blog is a good way to promote your blog at the Frontline, which really helps your blog to bring out the best. You can admire other bloggers who publish a similar kind of topic or post like your blog posts. This way your own work also is accepted and linked with the rest. Besides, it also helps to create backlinks for your blog and to convey good traffic for them. Just one thing to remember does it properly and do not go overboard.

Google+ Connection on Your Blog

Do not forget to use Google+ for your blog, switch your blogger profile to it that enables automatic sharing. Always add good quality content. The post should be 100% unique and grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes.

Apart from the above things, you can also hold some contests in your blog posts, as people will like to participate in them. This way you can get good traffic to your sites.

Image Source: Flickr