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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Is On-page SEO? On-page SEO Techniques

Today my topic of discussion is: On-page Optimization. I would like to update my blog with every minute update of SEO and their techniques, because my readers become self-independent in managing their website traffic and quality.
There are two most important elements of search engine On-page and off-page; On-page optimization is a basic and easiest part to apply since all necessary steps can be taken by the website operator. There are two basic factors, in the first basic part you need to take a look at your website structural design. That includes linking, Meta tags as well as all tags, which has provided certain information your site readable for search engines. Second and the equally important part are content tactic. If you want to track and Add relevant Keywords in your pages, a great way to ensure quality and freshness of your content is Blogging. There are many optimization strategies to help On-page optimization:

Title and Description

Many things are needed to rank a site but the title is the most important. Ensure that your most important keyword is put into the beginning as soon as you create your site.

     Like title help your site to rank but description is not helping you to ranking in search engine. But this dose help Google recognize what your page is about.

H1 Tag

An H1 tag is another important strategy of On-page SEO, the main title of your page should be an h1 tag. Its help the search engine to know what your page is about. It’s like the service the same as reading a newspaper or books headline. The h1 tag you give it should match with your page title to increase its relevancy. 


Web page URLs is also taking one of the most important parts in On-page optimization, always tries to make sure that your web page URLs are search friendly for search engine. That means you need to put optimized keywords and be short and simple, but most of people ignore this. 

File naming convention

If you want to rank high then you ensure that your filename should match with your page title and H1 tag. Always use hyphens as a replacement for spaces. Also, keep your file name and your domain name should be keyword rich or at least contain your keyword in some way.

Clean Code and Navigational Structure

Avoid using any type of JavaScript, heavily nested tables or session IDs and also avoid flash, because all sort of indexing issues while Google seems to be receiving better as crawling flash sites. Specify fonts, colors, sizes and more than these can be included inside CSS or external include files. That means the Googlebot can crawl your content fast past all the confusion and without any major problems. Always create a site which the help crawlers can access quickly. Use simple HTML keyword anchor text for maximum effect.

Image and Video Optimization

Image and video is a very powerful way to drive traffic. If you want highly searchable pieces of content then make sure you add a description to your picture and videos. Help the search engine crawlers index your site better then you add an optimized keyword to the picture and videos.


Internal page linking can be a superior way to tell search engines about your site's theme. Relevant anchor text can help your site rank better and also help distribute any page rank of your site.


This is what makes your site or destroy your site, when you complete your page and SEO efforts and then you put good quality content that is relevant to your sites and also relevant to user’s then your page turn add value. 

     You have to update your site’s frequently and you make it a habit. Updating your site regularly also has to do with content as mentioned previously.

Here we you will find some useful SEO tips that will come to your regular use. These strategies will enable better optimizing facilities for your website and increase the number of visitors. As you search through you will find a number of on-page and off-page search engine optimization methods, and if you use them together, will get much better rankings in the search engines.


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