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Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Local SEO Help In Your Small Business

In our previous article, we discussed how SEO help in small business and we give many short descriptions of all the point doing SEO and improve your small business. So that’s why we came with a brief description of all points one by one and today is our first point is “LOCAL SEO”.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is not only an element of SEO but it is similar to regular SEO. However the difference is to generate local search result. For small business, it’s very important because Google or search engine result is based on your location and its help you get local visitor very easily.

To the small business owner the business areas are limited and that is why local search engine takes an essential role in your search marketing strategy and it helps to know your target customer for your business. Chose your list of keyword around your area or place, and make changes according to the local search result. It’s the main advantage of local search engine.

Things That You Need To For Local SEO

·         In any type of SEO, Local or regular is based on content. Ranking in search result is mostly based on your website content which helps you to give a better rank in search result. Always update your sites with unique and quality content, because quality content with backlinks help your site to cache and index your website.

·         Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ all the popular social media help in local SEO. Most of the people spend their time in this type of social media site, and you can easily connect your friends via social networks. If you can increase social media presence then it will help you to improve your brand name and get popular in different social media and that’s the reason that it is also important for regular SEO.

·         You have to know that your business address is a main concern in local search engine. For your business, you need to add your contact details and address in your websites. It’s very important for local search engine if you want to rank better in local SEO.

·         One advice that maximum webmaster gives you for local search engine is that not focus on one search engine. Maximum small business owner focus on Google, but there is many popular search engine which used by people. You can do survey of your clients or customer even on other search engines to cater more customers.

·         What can help you in having better ranks in Google? - Reviews and citations. You can actually request the customers to give the genuine reviews and feedbacks about your products and services. Do make sure that they are satisfied and comfortable with your offers.

·         Today we are not bound in your computer or laptop because technology is growing so we can connect with internet anywhere through our smartphone. So it’s helpful if you can optimize your sites for mobile phone. Smartphone or android phone already have Google application for the phone user.

If you have a small business then you have to look into local SEO for your online business which helps your local customer around your area to  find you easily through local search engine.

Let the search begin...


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