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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 Online Businesses – Creative, Interesting and Traffic Generating

People, you might have read about many blogs and most of them have been discussing about ways to earn money online. Even in this blog, to you will come across major write-ups that focus on the way to earn money through Internet.

Yes, as the world is ticking on the digital clock you might be listening to a number of ways to help you in getting success in the internet marketing field. We two friends are new in this blogging yet have experienced how delicate is the internet and how hard it is to churn some good source of income from it.

Now in this article we are going to start discussing about 5 unique ways by which you can actually generate traffic as well as online money.

1.       BLOGGING

Yes, one of the essential and interesting businesses that even a novice can start. All you need is to have a specialization on a niche, say video games, movies, finance, social media etc. like we chose SEO and their tactics. You have to put relevant topics and have to engage the readers on those topics, which they find fascinating.

How will you know which topics fascinates them most? It is through the blog comments and not just the comments on your blog. You will come to know the readers' interest on others blog. Become an active part of several blogs and comment on their hot topics and try to learn what readers want. If you have the exact resource share, it in those blogs and in turn generates traffic back on your site.


Yup, another great plan is there to earn money online. You can actually sell photographs on some stock photo selling websites like – Corbis, Shutterstock etc. Yup guys, if you are a photographer or have that creative eye within you, then use it. Stock the good photos so that people can buy them online. You do not have to worry since the copyrights are reserved and you will get the due payment assigned for each photograph.


You can start working independently from the home. You can act as a freelancer in various fields, starting from website design, computer programming, graphic designing, administrative tasks, video, consulting, software development, legal work, marketing jobs and customer services. Many of the people search for the freelancing sites like iFreelance, Guru, oDesk, eLance, Smashing Jobs etc.


Pinterest is one of the hottest social media traffic spots to gather mosses. It is a great place to check the nice pictures, get cracking ideas, and guess what people are shopping there. If you are a smart entrepreneur you have to figure out that it is a great place to sell stuff. Just like the eBay, you will get a lot of opportunity to quickly grow ion this site. Let the competition start right now. Pinterest marketing is all about promoting your products and makes money. A catch for the Pinterest is that it disables the affiliate links posted on their site.


Online teaching is a great and indeed a splendid idea to make money. You can share the notes, ideas and teach people online on the subject, which you expertise. You can share your own ideas and spread the message all across the web. You do not need to be employed in a school or university, your ideas on the particular subject will help you to rationalize. Learning online is much more convenient, and many people are eager to pay if they find the subject or the information shared is interesting. Independent teachers are more flexible and can discuss on various topics, held workshops or they can teach from any place the like work or from home.

Here are some of the craving ways to make money online and if you are going to give a try, begin with these first five ideas discussed here in our blog. And have a great time guys. Have fun with money making on the Internet.


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