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Can Pinterest Boost Your SEO Techniques?

Pinterest, newest visual social media platform that relies on picture to tell unfold saga. Consumers are coming to Pinterest to gather mosses, as they are finding the medium as one of the quick way to follow marketers. Many marketers are still ignoring their Pinterest presence to improve their search engine rankings.

However, dude, it’s time to take Pinterest and their use in SEO seriously. This blog will help you to learn many facts of Pinterest and SEO so that you can improve your search engine rankings. However, in the beginning let us clarify what are the areas that you need to focus to boost your SEO via Pinterest.

1.       Linking Pinterest to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr
Link your activity on Pinterest to Facebook so that all your pins and repins on Pinterest will arrive on your Facebook wall and Facebook ticker. If you have an easy share button on your website page, then sharing becomes easy. Promote your pins on Twitter and Flickr as a good opportunity to showcase your pins on other social networking sites.

2.       Link Building

Pinterest since 2010 has grown to a large scale and as its domain grow your pins will have more number of visibilities. More links you build to point people back to your site from the Pinterest, your search results will be better.

3.       Strengthen Your Keywords

There are personal Pinterest profiles and private Pinterest boards, which are indexed by Google. Adding keywords to your Pinterest boards helps to increase the odd appearing in a search.

4.       Have the “Pin It” Buttons

You might be quite aware of the Facebook “likes” and Twitter’s “tweet” buttons similarly here in Pinterest you have “Pin It”. When you add the button of “Pin It” to your blog, users can easily share the images on Pinterest with a link back to your site.

5.       Do Care About The Analytics

Pinterest is better than Facebook as you will be able to find more resources and details in Google Analytics. Analytics is able to tell which item earns the referral click and allows clicking on the items shared on Pinterest.

6.       Dofollow Links Are Great

Yes, the Pinterest links are now “dofollow” and are counted by search engines as one of the valuable input, when it comes to ranking your page. Make sure that you get huge number of repins to facilitate yourself with easy backlinks.

These are just the phases were Pinterest excels other social networking sites thus boosting your SEO. If you want to explore on Pinterest then keep looking on our blog for latest social media updates.

“Pin it” battles with “tweet” and “likes” to continue it and strategize your social media presence to boost your website PR.


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