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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SEO In Small Business - Part 2

Well I am going to continue from the early session, which we have held the day before. Today I am going to stress on the four other points that propels SEO in small business.

4. Focus on Local Search Optimization

Local search optimization is the best option for small business owners, so no one likes to miss this opportunity of having profited. There are huge percentages of people who uses local search engine to find local companies. If you are thinking about how to optimize local search engine, we are going to share some tips for you.

Ø  Link Building: There are many types of link building method, which you can use to optimize the local search engine. Local blog commenting is another cracking method, if you know your local blog then you can give comments on this post and get backlinks for your sites.

Ø  Guest Posting: Writing a guest post is another way to get good backlinks for your sites. Search local blog with your relevant topic and offer a guest post for them. Your website link appearing in their blog helps to get visitors to your sites.

Ø  Social Profile: Create a business profile in various types of social network, like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. It gives more relevant local ranking.

5. Boost Your Social Media

We know the time you spend online and most of the time you surf the popular social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. These are popular mostly as a social media-marketing platform. For small business, social media is the ideal way to promote your websites and connect with potential customers. Get your niche popular by promoting them via social media sites.


6. Choose the Less Competitive Outlook

Apart from applying the common strategies and doing the obvious things, like a presence on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, your small business needs to tap the less used path by the competitors. Do thorough research and ask the competitors to have a deeper insight into your business in order to gain the competitive advantage. You can use various ideas in the form of hub sites, social media campaigns like the one on the Pinterest, or stay at the top of data visualizations.

7. Use of Original Content

You are aware of the fact that daily you need to post interesting blogs or contents to grab the attention of your viewers. This is not only going to solve the problems of your visitors but in turn increase the traffic, improve rankings and engage the customers and visitor. At that time, you will improve the social media power, gain natural links and improve the online presence.
So be original, share unique post to excite the readers, write something that is very different and suits your niche.

These tips are for small business owners to boost their SEO and improve their business in turn. If you want to compete with big name then always research your industry and competitors.


Stay ahead, make more profits and for that make the perfect SEO!


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