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Friday, April 19, 2013

How and Where To Create a Free Blog - PART 1 (

Are you a new comer in the web industry?
Are you you thinking to create a blog?

But how and where you can create a blog? Don’t pull your hair, just read this article and you can get your all answers and you create a good blog.

There are many people who spend their money for blog creation, but that meets up to be a totally dumped idea. If you have a little bit knowledge and time to spend then you create a blog with any one and save your money.

Blogging is easy to but it’s also very interesting and it is not important to know HTML to create or maintain your blog. Normally webmaster create a blog for business reason like promote their product or service, but many people create a blog for their personal use.

Today in a web industry two type of blog are most famous and maximum webmaster use this platforms to create their blog.
  1.     Blogger
  2.     WordPress

Before we start, I want to say something that in a web industry there are lot’s of free blogging tools that you may find and they are totally free to use and when you become expert in blogging you have to try other blogging tools and make yourself professional.

So my new comer friends “shall we start”. Here in this article we will be discussing about Blogger in the next session it will be WordPress on which we will discuss.

As I say blogger is a free tool to create a blog. If you have Gmail account you get it free with your Gmail account. Other than you can also register with blogger account. So here are some instructions, which you have to follow to when you create a blog in blogger.

(1). Go to website blogger ( then check the right side and you will see the sign up page.  Sign up Process:
  •     Click On Sigh up, then a new box are open
  •     Write down user name, password and confirm your password.
  •     In the next enter your first and last name and you email address.
  •     Then click read and terms services and write security code, at last you saw a blue box to next step.

(2). Now you can see in a right side of your home page a box that says “your blog”. For start a blog click where it says create a new blog.

(3). Now a box are open where prompts you to enter a title and description of your blog and it also ask you that you want your blog public or not. So enter your blog title and description and chose public or private. If you public your blog then you blog are listed in the blogger directory and become visible on the recently update list on blogger home page. If you chose no then also it will be viewable to any one on the Internet.

(4). Next you have an option of hosting your blog at blogspot or update a website hosting. If you want it free then don’t forget to choose host in blogspot.

(5). Then you have to choose a unique web address for your blog or blogs, like, remember when you choose an address it will be benefit if your address is same your blog title.

(6). Now is time to overall look of your blog. You get some templates for your blog, those templates determines how you blog are look? When you choose one you click on finished button. You also can add many gadget on your blog and modify it accordingly.

You can easily change you template when you want. If you don’t like any template blogger are offered you, then you also take other template. In web there are lots of web sites offer you new and stylized template. Like,, etc.

(7). In the blogger interface you will be able to use update of your blog from now on. During the first visit, instructions will appear on the bottom half of the screen.

(8). Now if you want to post some thing then you click on your blog, in a left side some box are shown like, New Post, Add Page, post, comment, Google+ Layout etc., Click on new post a box are open and copy and post your content and arrange it as you like. If you want to make sure that your article are fully arranged with pictures and content, then  you can click on preview button of this box upper right side. If you are satisfied with your post then published it.

Keep an eye on our blog as we are going to say about the WordPress in our next Blog Post. Happy Reading!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blogging through Pinterest: What’s The Dig?

The second largest referral network is Pinterest. If you are not familiar with this site, then let our blog help you to know at its best. It's guessed in 2011 that by 2012 Pinterest will turn up as the highest referral network. Now in 2013 it rocks!

Low tech spying is one such idea that helps to click the Pinterest better than any other social sites. You can learn so much by pinning for your site. To find the relevant information all you have to go to one of the photos that have been clicked or pin one of your own photos from your own site and then click on it to make it larger.

What You Can See In A Pinned Page Let Us Assess It For You:
  • Our blog WorldSEOEducation has their own pinboard and trust me over these four months we had a lot of Repin from our viewers.
  • My co-blogger and me, have witnessed three pins every day on an average.
  • People are quite interested to know about all the tactics of the SEO. In spite of the popular blogs, people want something easily understandable, and that’s what we do.
  • What’s more, we can see comments on our pinned page.

Visual Boards of Pinterest Changed the Way I Use Photos

Do you know when we started our boards on Pinterest, huge traffic started to come from it! Well, many of the pins were linked to odd photos and people have to be reminded why they actually pinned the photos. Therefore, we thought it to make easier for the pinners, so that they won’t have to remember all the time what it was. When it comes to writing a post, I make sure that the graphic is pin-friendly.

For Pinterest We Make Sure That the Photos Are Pinnable

Thinking of the graphics is the main aspect and over these four months, we have been working a lot on it. My co-blogger is particular about the selection of images. On Pinterest, we generally see a smaller image that helps in making the graphics somewhat legible when it is pinned and viewed.

We make sure that the graphic has been friendly just in case our followers pin it. We make the post visible enough so that the readers can read it thoroughly and pin it at the next moment. Well, you can say that we have become a Pinterest Pimp!

Pinners Can Easily Re-Pin Them

We use the Pinterest plug in called Pin It on your Pinterest. It helps us to attach a pin button to the bottom of a post and then write our own description and choose a photo that automatically appears when our followers click on the pin it button. We can delete the description given beforehand and write our own. 

Creating Boards That Will Work Magically

Pinspiration boards, you might be savvy with the term. You can create board of all kinds- like those on making money online, SEO, online business ideas, Infographics etc. Why you need to create separate boards?

Well, there are ample of good reasons to create such boards –
  • To gather information for the series of posts that we collected under a single board, say SEO. We might be sharing our blog posts or maybe the ones, which fascinates us. Like the hot SEO news on the Internet.
  • To source ideas for internet marketing which is the main theme of our blog.
  • To document our infographics done on various platforms and share them on the Pinboard to make our followers feel fascinated about the blogging and SEO in total.
Blogging through Pinterest serves one of the particular purpose and that is getting huge amount of traffic. This particular visual site enhances the reader’s visibility and compels them to check out the blog just with a single click. We have to take care that the images, which we post, is able to draw the crowd a thousand times more than the common social media platforms.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

3 SEO Tactics That Can Ultimately Backfire

Guest Post By Anny Solway
Just a few years back it was very easy to throw together a quick website and get a great page rank on Google and other major search engines. You used to be able to create a site, write a few pages of quick content, and fill it with keywords. A simple site like this combined with a few easy SEO strategies used to be enough to get strong search engine results. Many sites were designed for search engine spiders crawling through pages to determine page rank, not for the people that would eventually stumble along the pages.

Spam and garbage-filled websites are an easy way to quickly turn off site visitors. In recent years, search engines have been changing their page ranking algorithms to place more of a priority on good content and decrease the amount of spam and garbage that show up in search engine results. This means that some SEO approaches may now hurt your ranking more than help. Here are a few strategies that could potentially do more harm than good.

Keyword Stuffing

Incorporating keywords throughout your website is an important SEO strategy. Taking the time to research the top keywords and search queries in your niche will go a long way in helping you create a site that is search engine friendly. However, some people take their keyword usage too far, and overstuff all of their written content with keywords. If you have used your keywords so frequently that it makes reading the content difficult, this is not a good use of SEO. The same principle applies when using awkward keyword phrases that stick out like a sore thumb in your text. Remember that good SEO is ultimately about balancing between what is good for search engines and what is good for potential readers of your site.

Article Writing

Promoting your website through submitting articles to other websites can be a great SEO strategy, but it can also backfire on you. The trend of quality over quantity applies here as well. A proper use of this strategy would be taking the time to build up a strong website, then writing thorough articles that would be a valuable resource to people in your niche or industry. This type of approach would actually be an excellent way to boost your SEO and help encourage more people to read your site at the same time. The wrong way to approach article writing is by writing hundreds of keyword filled, barely readable articles and submitting them to article directories with little to no quality standards. Writing poor quality articles for the sole purpose of boosting your page rank is not a good SEO strategy. It interferes with your most important end goal—having a good website with lots of regular visitors and a steady stream of new traffic.

Making SEO the Primary Focus of Your Website Design

SEO is definitely one of the more important things to consider when creating a website, but it is not your only priority. You do not want to allow your focus on SEO to take away from your other priorities. If your goal is to have a successful website, you need to focus on creating a good experience for your visitors. SEO will help you get people to visit your site, but they won't stick around if you do not have a well-designed site with good content. Use premium WordPress templates to create a strong website first. Then you can direct your focus using SEO strategies to build your site, like using keywords in your title tags, menus, URL and more. As long as your approach to SEO complements the quality of your site, rather than getting in the way of it, you shouldn't be worried.

About Author

Anny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a web studio that creates original WordPress templates that can be used out of the box. She loves to share blogging and technology tips.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 7 Factors of 2013 to Rule the SEO Field

2012 was very tough time for SEO experts and web master due to major changes in Google algorithms, like panda update frequently, as same time Google introduce Penguin. For those update many websites were affected. For organic ranking quality content and inbound links are still take most important role. There are other many factors that will influence SEO in 2013.

Before getting into further discussion we will look into the major changes that has been seen in the year 2012 and the changes that are going to be introduced in 2013.


Panda and Penguin Update: In the beginning 2011 Google Panda algorithm was released and frequent multiple updates kicked many low quality web sites out of the SERPs, huge amount of web sites were affected with this update.

2012 had a major role for SEO field, because in April 2012 Google released Penguin algorithm and it change the face of SEO industry. Many SEO companies that had engaged in Penguin unfriendly SEO tactics and drop from the search result and also saw their ranking disappear without any warning. After that many SEO company adopted their strategies and tactics.

Guest Post: When Google updated Penguin and Panda, guest post became a popular method for reliable link building. This process and method well accepted by all SEO industry. For link building “Negative SEO” or “Black Hat SEO” became a hot topic of debate, and those web masters do not add specify backlinks they should be discounted by Google when it evaluates link to their websites.


7 Ways to Survive in SEO Field

1. Unique and Quality Content

At last it all about quality and value of the content on your websites. Google is very specified about the presence of unique contents. they entertain only 100% unique content to make the websites popular and avoid link degradation.

2. Content Marketing

To day content marketing is next big thing for SEO. Content marketing attracts backlinks and adds value for user or readers, and it is one of the expert feature of SEO. At that point it is more challenging because you have to generate more content with high value of quality and quantity. Google take valuable content, and applies a rock hard strategy of content marketing and it will be the main key of climbing to the next level in SEO field.

3. Auto Rank

Auto Rank is another loaded feature which will help to startegize the SEO marketing this year just like 2012. one of the best way to manage the SEO and get your website into rank is to generate the Auto Rank facility.

4. Social media Role

When we come to this topic there are many debate and discussion, but at last it will accept that social media take major role to ranking for your websites. In this year or probably after the years follow social media will play a rising strategy. Share, like, re-tweet and mostly +1 are trophies that every webmaster should be amassing.

5. Local SEO

Google mostly give more preference for local websites and information has become evident in many searchers. In 2013 will witness for local SEO, it helps local websites for higher ranking and visibly in search engines. It also included map data, listing, citations and reviews on local information sites.

6. Mobile and Responsive Design

This point is not directly effect in ranking of a webpage. Today Smartphone and tablets become more popular and as we know Google is one of the first companies aware of this trend. the responsive factor does not explicit the SEO but it is surely going to influence the SEO factor for a long time.

7. Media Content

As we all know that people have more interest to see not to read. So this point of view image and video have become staples on the internet. Image and video optimization get higher rank than only text content. Infographic is a very interesting to read or see, because an infograpgic we also found image and content which people like most and an expert opinion it will be feature of SEO in next year.

The above 7 factors is most important for SEO in 2013, because as we saw how frequently Google Panda and Penguin update, we have to take those steps for our batter search result. If you think there are factor influences SEO then we talk letter.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

10 Ways to Perk Up Your Business with Facebook Fan Page - Part II

In the previous article, we have discussed only the five ways to perk up your Facebook business fan age to improve the business ROI. Today we are going to share the other five ways to make your Facebook the perfect place to make your business earn the potential customer.

6. A Better Bonding between Your Business and the Customer

You generally depend on the relationship with the customers by connecting them in a social manner, rather not in a professional manner. Facebook members would not like to shop through the Facebook platform, but 90% of them like to deal to have a Facebook fan page and make the possible transactions via this platform.

7. It Is the Perfect Breeding Ground for the Upcoming Brands

25 percent of the Facebook members want that things are being sold to them online. There are much higher percentage of to sing in favor of the company, brand or products. Helps to establish strong relationship that too with a influential number of people who have many connections and helps you to gain valuable brand evangelist and market the product on your behalf.

8. Keeping a Watch on the Potential Aspects of the Business

In the social platforms like Facebook, customers and the prospects are going to let down the guard and share the information with you and others about the products and services they like. Good and bad experiences they have with the business and their unfulfilled desires. When the fan interacts with the business page, you are going to have access to wealthy information.

9. Perk up the ROI Related Metrics

Facebook have the Page insight tool on their fan pages that helps you to make analysis of the marketing and communication by revealing the data of interactions of everyday. Whatever it may be - discussed posts, reviews, mentions, Fan demographics and so on. These tools are the touchstone to target specific demographics and reap better ROI.

10. Get, Set, Go - The Competition Begins

The Facebook business fan page allows you to keep pace with the competitors that too free of charge.  If your competitor opens p a fan page successfully then the competitor can corner the market on Facebook and build up a strong following than you have. So build up your own page for free to establish the business and have the competitive edge.

Guys, here we keep our pen down, oops not the pen rather I stop tying on the keyboard. Implement these ten ideas to make your Facebook fan page as a mark for you business irrespective of the size.