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Monday, July 20, 2015

Get Your Website Crawled Faster in Google - A Few Surefire Ways

Working as a part of the SEO team we often have to optimize your website and adding new keywords and pages, we like to make sure that the pages uploaded as well as indexed by Google faster.

At times, you can take as much as six weeks to get your website indexed by Google. Some of them estimate as long as three months. That is a long time when we used to wait and worked hard to generate new leads online. If you are not able to locate your website pages on the search engines, then it means those pages of your website is not indexed yet.

What does - being indexed by Google means?

Getting your website indexed by Google is the process by which Google discovers your website pages existence. During this search engine optimization process, Googlebots and Google Spiders automatically catalogs what your site is all about. Hence, put stress on choosing the right keyword so that you can optimize them accordingly.

You can at the same time create or add new pages to your website, it does not mean that Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL for the matter that knows their existence.

Index Your Site Faster

Steps to let your site have faster indexing in Google includes - 
  • Go to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Choose the website you want to submit, in case if you already have the setup. If you do not have Webmaster setups, then you need to go through the process of setting up Google Webmaster Tools.
  • You simply need to click on the ‘crawl’ that appears on the left side
  • Click on crawl on the left side
  • Click ‘fetch as Google’ on the left side
  • Copy and paste the URL of the webpage you would like Google to index
  • Then simply click on the ‘Fetch and Render’ to let you see page errors before you get to complete the submission
  • You might see to viable options on the screen - Complete or Partial Status
  • You can even select a device that you want Google to ‘Fetch and Render’ for example Desktop or Mobile

To learn how to optimize your website, escalate your SEO performance and get found online by search engines drop us your query at or visit our website

Monday, December 8, 2014

6 Steps towards Stunning Social Media Success

Social media is a two-way communication channel, which helps to carve a profit outline that sustain for a long time and would affect your business even in the least number. I have been receiving feedback from my readers and followers about their bitter experiences on social media, the results never did satisfy them. It was disheartening. As on my part, I am a social butterfly and love social media as a platform to hype my content.

Nothing could have been the perfect cup of coffee for my posts like social media. It engaging, scintillating and brings spanking results. No, I am not going to join a duel, people might feel distressed with social media, they are. However, my point is that there are reasons to become distressed.

You have some master keys to unlock your SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS. Do you want to know them? Hire a digital marketing consultant, or simply grab the following surefire ways.



It is not you alone who have engaging contents or has those ROFL or LOL post to burst people with laughter. Others too have cool stuffs in their wall, so share them. Share a cool infographic from your friend’s wall or may be a GIF that you find on a Google+ page. This helps to foster or bridge the gap of communication between you and your social media followers.


When you post something lamely on your social profile, you hardly think to proofread them. Check every word of the posts before you share them socially, read it backward. Then click on the Share button.


You must create hashtags that are irresistible, have a wide amount of followers. Involve your community into it to have greater influence. Check out which hashtags are in trend and use them to exemplify your posts reach!


      None will feel interested to read a long scoop or a scary paragraph on social media. Stay short and sweet. Twitter thus wins a bigger share as they keep the post short and sweet with just 140 characters. Social media is to notify what you have in store and not reveal all secrets at one-shot.


Bland, are you? Don’t be as your customers, followers or fans expect much more from you. When you are on social media, utilize every moment to show your brand personality and let your customer gain clairvoyance on the service your offer. Make them recognize the parameter that sets you out from other service providers.


If you are doubtful about the post you are going to share on social channels, then it is better not to share.

Therefore, if you think that you can take this as a strict social media principle if not Holy Grail to launch yourself on every social channel, then you are surely going to reach the success parameter.

This is a guest post from content marketing team of Unified Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

10 Effective Ways to Increase Twitter Followers Everyday

Twitter the second most social media have taken online presence of business to a new level. With the real-time integration in Twitter, reaching out to a large pool of audience has become easier. Twitter focus on saying a lot with 140 characters. Twitter profile space is brief so the potential followers before clicking the “Follow” decide whether to stay or to click away from the profile. 

How can you increase the following?

Well, we have found many masterpiece contents that you must read to find out how twitter can help to increase followers since the inception of a business. Here is a small glimpse of those articles – 

But if you spend so much time on Twitter then you are aware of the thing that all followers are not real you have a number of spam account followers on your profile. These accounts grow out strategies to increase the Twitter followers count in an unethical manner. However, quantity trumps quality in real business. Reading the above contents you can find out that by having your share of online presence in Twitter you’ll have to do more than create a few lines of code or click the ‘Follow’ button a couple thousand times. 

Therefore, we will ask our reader to follow these ten actions to optimize their Twitter presence since the day of inception. Here are a few tips to customize your profile so that potential followers stay convinced and you never miss a Tweet.

Check out this cool infographic to ramp up your Digital Marketing Services via Twitter - 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Curtain Raiser for New Content Marketing Show in 2014

Marketers, netizens and online business owners go gaga over content marketing. We know content is KING and sharing contents on right platform is the QUEEN. If your online business needs more search visibility, you have to jump on the bandwagon of content marketing.
Well, 85% of the business has joined the show of content marketing this year and 42% have drafted a strategy to implement contents in action during the peak season of their business. So what is keeping you low?

Content is going to fill the sales pipeline to the brim if it conveys the right brand message with their formative text, visual appeal or audibility and that is enough to influence the readers. Content is no more textual, it is now both visual and audible, so you have more opportunity to share your brand stories. Contents go viral almost at any platform and it can reach any geographical barriers.

Hence, what you need is the perfect recipe and right kind of spices to look up for a rich gourmet brand story and serve it hot with eye-catching garnishing.

To know more keep look at this Infographic from Clicky:

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Google Plus Business Page – Get’s You Thinking


Do you have a social profile in it? …. If not have it now….

Let us cut to the good stuff. Here, we are going to cover some of the great benefits of having a Google Plus Business Page. Keeping up with the latest trends in social media is imperative for the business success. Google Plus at present may not have the same following as Facebook. However, it’s good to ride on the bandwagon now, than to chase later when its starts overflowing.

Here, we need to mention the synergetic effect of SEO and Social Media. Since, Google+ is going to reap great SEO benefits and web visibility, in spite of Google not being their creator.

You may be thinking:

•                    My social media marketing is complete with Facebook presence
•                    I am tweeting regularly, so I am always connected to the market
•                    I have sufficient web presence
•                    I don’t think the customers want me online
•                    I do not like to pick social media channels to publicize business. I don’t have faith in social media gibberish

People in business, you should refresh your thoughts on social media. Google Plus is no more a mumbo-jumbo. When it comes to dominate the web, you will never get to cover it 100%, but surely, you can close the gap between 100% and 10%. And Google+ does that.

Google+ Business Page is making a fast success. Is this the only reason to use Google Plus?
No, not certainly. Three more reasons are covered here, which tells why you must use Google+

1.                   Google+ has 359 million monthly active users, says Global Web Index Study, offering a market with huge potential to tap.
2.                   It’s the Second largest social media platform. Therefore, you must scoop the benefits before it rolls over for your competitors.
3.                   With the latest Google Algorithm update, all social network activity has become a great factor in determining your SERP. When it comes to SEO and social media, Google+ content will easily trump content on any other social platform.

Who May Be Using Google+?

The objective of joining a social media platform for business owners is mainly because of gathering leads. Thus, businesses using Google+ have seen a significant increase in the traffic after the platform received a major facelift in the month of May. The popular demographic user chart on Google+ shows that -

•                    63% are predominantly male
•                    They belong to the United States
•                    Mainly they are a tech savvy crowd

If you own a B2B company in the US, having tech savvy audience becomes a determining factor. It is crucial for B2B companies to get tech savvy.

Six Benefits of Having a Google+ Business Page – ‘boost your business discoverability’

Google+ Business Page works in a similar manner as Facebook Business Page. You need to be a Google+ member before opening a Business Page. With the Business Page, you will get another page that search Engines can index and will display your business rather neatly.

1.            Easy to engage with target customers - Potential customers are always on Google+, all you need is to gather them delicately. Do not shout out the marketing messages. Better, be polite. Talk to them, engage with them, and schedule the engagement time according to their convenience.

2.            Grow faster relationship - It is useless to use a bandwagon when it gets jammed. Start building relationship when the crowd is less as this will let you easily be heard.

3.            More professional in approach - Google+ is more professional and informational compared to Twitter and Facebook. Google + dominates the web world with quality content, which consumers like and appreciate.

4.            Google Hangouts and Video Chats - The Hangouts and live Video Chats make Google+ more interactive. Not only text, but you can also have talk sessions with your targeted customer. Big businesses spend thousand on marketing and survey, but you can do it in just $20 with a webcam and spending a little time.

5.            Future Integration of developed apps and tools - Google has some plans to integrate with different other tools and apps, thus you can reap great benefits.

6.            Better SERPs - Does your business need free visibility and web presence? Then ‘Google It’ now. Get more shelf space on search engine page results with Google+.

Make regular updates to the wall, link your business page to any content that you create. All is just too easy with Google+. So, stop reading and start creating a Google Plus Business Profile

Diluting the article in a gulf through this image from i2mktg

Monday, April 28, 2014

Has Hummingbird Bitten The Content Marketing Sphere In 2014?

Picture Courtesy: Wally Nussbaumer, my friend from Ottawa.

“Little things hurt” the proverb is true if we consider the latest Google Algorithmic update icon- Hummingbird, the world’s smallest bird.

In the month of September 2013, Google launched the brand new Algorithmic update Hummingbird. It was a not a change, but a new algorithm that helped Google to pull the search results from the vast knowledge database. Hummingbird was a big update after caffeine in 2010.

Hummingbird affected more than 90 percent of the search results down the lane. That is no doubt a large chunk compared to Google Panda, which affected hardly 12 percent of the rankings. Experts are of the opinion that Google never released Hummingbird in September it was just an announcement, as in reality the algorithm has been running for several weeks prior to its announcement. 

Now all the dust settled and the points on Hummingbird has cleared out. And Google gave us clues on how it works, it is our responsibility to gauge larger affects beforehand as Google with come up with more updates and those can be huge blows to search world.

Have a quick view on Google’s Hummingbird from this infographic by to know why content marketers should shift their focus from keyword search to user-intent search.

It’s Time to Be Semantic

Stop focusing on keywords it's time to be semantic. Semantic, what's that? Semantic refers to meaning or definition of core keywords. This is the user’s main intent or query, which they look out or search. This aspect of Hummingbird has created a long list of implication in the content marketing sphere. 

Semantic search suggest choice of pages based on searchers main query and not on keyword-based result. This has given search engine a lot of information on how to serve the results that users are looking. Smart content marketers can utilize this to mitigate more traffic.

Prepare Snacky Contents, Don’t Overcook It with Keywords

We come across websites built or structured around some basic keywords. With their title tags optimized with specific keywords and the content too written around them. Doesn't it look overcooked with too many keywords of same type? Hope you remember keyword density!

Well, keyword density is yet not obsolete, but if you like to embrace Hummingbird you have to do away with the bad habit of over-stuffing your content with keywords. Prepare content that focus on the customer intent, something build on personas. For years, contents are developing on personas and Hummingbird is just an approach to re-affirm it.

If you know the key persona of your content, it becomes easier to know their intent, so have the right spice (semantic keyword list) to make your content tastier.

The Eternal Fight Begins: Semantic Search vs. Keyword Search

With Hummingbird update, shaking the red flag, before the angry bull (semantic search) it is going to make the matador (keyword-based search) suffer a lot - this was the general thought. And, it was no wrong in it.


Make a quick search with the word “burger”, Google will come back with pages that offer burger recipes, some cool restaurants and their current offers they have on burgers.  Take a ride with semantic based search it will –
  1. Figure out users intent. If you mention some ingredient such as ham, beef, mozzarella or seasoned bacon, then it confirms you want a recipe on burger.
  2. Even it looks for the users search history to confirm whether user is going to click on recipe or restaurant links.
  3. Will make queries on the users location to trace the nearest, best-optimized website offering home-delivered burgers.
Content Marketers – What Does Semantic Search Means To Them?

When you start designing your website page content, optimize contents in this ways -

For restaurateurs - Do not insert “Burger Restaurant” in the title tags. Rather use, “Burger restaurant in Tampa’s Ballast Point neighborhood."

For Marketers - If your company sells software, create tags that will say how your software can solve problems, such as “Payroll software for better small business payroll management” or  “ payroll software offering employee self-service”, just using “payroll software” won’t work this time.

Few Words To Tell You.....

We shared what we felt about Hummingbird and its influence in the content marketing sphere of today. And we can affirm that content marketing is more a mature form of marketing rather than a buzzword.

With Hummingbird, we can seek targeted set of audience, social signals from the regular sharing platforms, keeping website fresh, growing and increasing the authority. With hummingbird in action, most of the business blog has started to re-calculate their moves from the beginning of 2014.

So, off with those creases on your forehead! Just change your content strategy in the light of Google Hummingbird and diversify. Take a plunge in the content marketing pool and freshen up your website!


Can you spare 9 more minutes from your jam-packed schedule, then you can have a bigger overview on Hummingbird Update and its effect on content marketing with this video from Koozai

Thursday, March 13, 2014

5 Blog Promotion Must-Do’s for Every Blogger

Bloggers, we do not think that there is a single day when you have stopped writing. Right?

You might take a daybreak from writing blogs, but what about blog promotion! You have to keep on sharing until it makes your traffic funnel saturated.

Blog promotion is one of the popular techniques used by search engine optimizers for internet marketing. Blog promotion is a great stage that can put ahead personal view, a picky service or everything related to a business or business hubs. And this is the main aim for every blogger or blog promotion.

An important feature about a blog is that it brings visitors with the help of a snacky content. The narrative writing style used in blog writing creates interest among blog readers. For that reason, the blogs draws more attention from visitors and help websites to fetch the maximum number of hits, a good rank and a high position in the search engine.

There are many ways to promote the blog. Moreover, we have to consider the various factors that affect blogs while promotion. Understanding those factors is helpful to make best possible use of blogging strategies.

Follow these five tips given below to promote your blogs and get more benefit from it.

Submit Blogs to Blog Directories

A blog directory is one of the great ways to promote your blogs. If you want your blog to stay visible in the world of web, then you have to submit your content to popular blog directories such as Bloggeries, OnTopList, GlobeofBlogs etc. You can also get backlinks to your blog post and it will be a great source of blog promotion for your business or products.
Email Marketing

You can get many applications in a blogging platform. Email marketing is another great way to promote your blog. It is done among a large pool of audience. Give out newsletters that performs the task of informing the subscribers regarding latest posts as well as various promotions that a blog is ready to offer.

Social Media

Today there are many social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Myspace etc., and those sites take an effective role to play in the promotion of blogs. Spending some time on these popular social media sites helps you to can earn a huge visitor for your blogs or sites. You can also build a great network for your sites.

Commenting other Blogger blogs

Commenting on other blogger's blog is a good way to promote your blog at the Frontline, which really helps your blog to bring out the best. You can admire other bloggers who publish a similar kind of topic or post like your blog posts. This way your own work also is accepted and linked with the rest. Besides, it also helps to create backlinks for your blog and to convey good traffic for them. Just one thing to remember does it properly and do not go overboard.

Google+ Connection on Your Blog

Do not forget to use Google+ for your blog, switch your blogger profile to it that enables automatic sharing. Always add good quality content. The post should be 100% unique and grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes.

Apart from the above things, you can also hold some contests in your blog posts, as people will like to participate in them. This way you can get good traffic to your sites.

Image Source: Flickr

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Should we redesign our Website often?

This is a common question that I often answer my friends and visitors - how often should they redesign their website? My answer – “it totally depends on you?

You should ask yourself that does your website design really needs improvement or not. . Whether, the result generated by your website satisfies you. What is Your Thought?

If your answer is YES, then there is no need to improve your website design. Therefore, you might look at your other aspects like content, changes in gadget and improving them often. You can also add items to wish list that will increase the user experience. If SEO or search engine optimization is your main anxiety, then you may need some changes in technology, as it is the key to a successful redesign.

If your answer is NO, then you need to analyze the website and check which things needs improvement. Mostly the problem lies in the content on your website. So, check that where the problem lies whether in content or in morsel.

As per my point of view, reviewing the website quality.every year and redesigning it ensures a good traffic throughout the year.

How Much Active is Your Website?

If you have a lot of repeated visitor or customer and they connect with your website often, then they may get bored with the look of your website, but remember people also hate frequent changes. So, be very careful about the changes on your website during the redesign or makeover.

If you need to establish navigation, then do not tinker with it. It is actually something very good. Sit and discuss with your web designer about which elements are popular on your website and which elements are not. This will help you to take a good decision on how to make changes on your website without confusing your visitors.

One must also consider current website that should fit with your brand and sales strategy. If your website is giving the wrong intuition to your clients or visitors about who you are as a company owner, then it is the main reason to think about redesigning your website.. The brand users often judge your products by browsing through your website, so any negative imitation should be taken into consideration urgently. Use your own knowledge to guide your web design.

Think like “if I was a customer of this company what things might have given me the optimum satisfaction”. Think like the customers!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Twitter Marketing – 10 Hot Tips to Steer Your Business with 140 Characters

Tweet! Tweet!

Do you want to have a sip of fresh ideas to promote marketing via Twitter?

In this last 6 years, Twitter has become the trendsetter in marketing. Since, more numbers of business owners have plunged into Twitter marketing, so you have to keep evolving fresh ideas so that the channel does not become stale.

Twitter is a great Microblogging tool that has hit the business town in 2006 like a wild storm and is continuing with similar rage. If you use it effectively, steering impossible marketing situations will become easy.

On Twitter, the tweet messages are just having 140 characters and hence your words need to creative, impactful and must add value to your customer’s life. This will help you to get the most out of the social media marketing.

If you think to be successful, then you cannot make all the tweets sent a similar marketing message. In that case, the best social media advice is to offer knowledge, fun and promotion all mixed together to encourage customers to converse with your business on Twitter.

10 Best Twitter Marketing Tips for the Business Owners

Twitter gives you the scope to share the instant thought of your business in 140 characters and thus make it popular. However, it sounds goofy as Microblogging is little tough. So, use innovative tips to build a strong presence in the web world –

·         Stuff Relevant Keywords in your Tweet

Make a list of relevant keywords that describes your business in the best way. Use these keywords when you compose your 140-character tweet messages.

·         Personalization of the profile

Customize your business profile to reflect your unique personality. You need to display the relevant information and must add your website address. It is good to craft @replies and promotional tweets that match your brand personality.

·         Draw their attention using the # (Hashtags) and curate conversations
You can give rewards to your followers by retweeting their tweets on your blog like #PUMA .They are encouraging their fans to tweet pictures of PUMA shoes.

@dimepieceLA25Jun: Our outfit of the day @ #dimepiecela thanks nylonmag @puma for these awesome Puma wedge sneaks!…

·         Strengthen your personal bonding with customers

1.You have to lighten the business tone to connect with your customer.
2.You must ask for the opinions and offer some witty tips to your customer.
3.You can add them to a private list of tweeters and retweeters.
4.Review them for great contents that you might have missed.
5.Thanks people for sharing or retweeting great things from your page.

·         You have to share a good story

People have to share web content, which are relevant to their niche. Like  sports good retailer must tweets pictures or stories on exciting sports like mountain climbing, riding etc. Share links of useful contents that are effective at growing and retaining followers.

·         You have to keep a track

You should shorten the web content in the form of to keep a tab on all your tweets. Like which one is re-tweeted and which got a follow. This helps you to choose the best followers.

·         Connect the right people

Remember 2 crucial twitter marketing tips: 1. Do not find people in the hope that they will follow you back automatically. 2. Try to find people who are more likely to follow you back. Use tools like Follower Wonk or WeFollow to find people who share an interest towards your business.

·         Refrain of the total automation

Twitter is not a robotic network, so you do not have to rely on the automation all the time. Do limit the social sync tools and auto-follow all the programs.

·         Maintain the standard platforms

Customers will try to look for you on other social profiles, so you must use the same social pictures to restore the same personality everywhere. You can add your LinkedIn account with Twitter account making your Twitter activities relevant to your business.

·         Use of tools to track

You need to have a good exposure, and for that, you must use tools, which helps you to know the conversion results of your regular tweets. Use HootSuite or Summify to filter your Twitter activities.
With these invaluable Twitter tips, you can hit the market with craze and dominance once more.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 Ways to Engage Audience through Blog Comments

Is it possible to measure your success via content marketing or blog? - Page views, search engine rankings, earned links, conversions or sales can any of these options help you to track your success in content marketing. Whatever metric you may use, all needs to achieve the marketing goal for your blog.

With that in mind, have you ever thought to consider blog commenting as a way to measure your content marketing success? If not, then try it now.

Why do you need comments for your website/blog?

It sounds like no-brainer to the digital marketers as to whether comments are a source of popularity or just a simple user engagement. To some of the digital marketers, metrics like the rankings and page views hold more weight, and that is partially true. Ruling your blog with comments is a little bit foolish aspect.

There will be blog posts, which might receive comments and page views more than other. The goal of the contents in your blog is to encourage traffic rather than engagement, then the comments might fall by the wayside. However, it is advisable not to put all the eggs in one basket.

Do not concentrate on one metric. With the evolution of social media digital marketing sphere has broadened and thus building a community around your brand equally important as appearing in the 1st page of the SERPs. In order to be outstanding in the digital marketing sphere, you have to merge facets like social, content, search and paid media all defines to become ‘holistic.’

The goal and objective of your content marketing should encourage user engagement. Quality is no doubt important when it comes to comment. No one likes to get spam. Real judgment lies in the fact that what said is what shared. What additional value it adds up to your content?

Therefore, it is mandatory not to accept comments lamely, just for the sake of user engagement. Encourage quality comments for your website. What should you do to engage fans with quality comments?

#1.Start asking questions to your blogger commentor – ask actual questions and not those rhetorical ones. If you give people a reason to share their thoughts, then they are going to engage themselves in quality comments. The best tactics is to place the question at the end of the blog post. This allows user to respond with a variety of answers rather restricting to a single response.

#2.Share inspirational comments – offer something that people has never seen in any other blog. This brings quality over quantity. If your content is unique and adds true value to the content topic, niche, industry or sector you deal. It is quite normal that users will comment to either contribute posts or praise your efforts.

#3.Topics should be exciting enough to drive more traffic to your content – Content may contain latest industry news, events or might take something popular that happened within your niche in recent days. If you create such content when there is a demand for it and if it resonates with your audience, then people will comment more on it.

#4.Stay active as soon as you post a new blog on your website – Blogging and commenting walks side by side, so if you think to get a lot of comment without investing time in actually engaging your blog by yourself, then you have to wait for long. Contribute comments that are both interesting and insightful. Leave behind exciting tips, questions and keep replying. This will actually help you to build the bridge of relationship and encourage contribution of contents to your blog.

#5.Do not forget to reply – You must reply to the comments, at least share “thanks” for their thoughts and touch on what they have contributed. This allows your readers to know that you have read their comments and acknowledged their contribution. To elongate the conversation you can ask questions and keep the debate going.

Seeking attention like this drives a long way and users will only be happy to share content so that they keep coming.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SEO 2014 Trends and Preparing For Google Updates in 2014

If you look carefully, 2013 has certainly been eventful especially when it comes to important updates laid down by Google. Some of the major highlights encompass critical releases like Penguin and Panda, importance of content and author ranking and the shift from just offering keywords (thanks to encrypted search mechanism).

Most webmasters have gone ahead to ask themselves if whether or not SEO still exists or is it dead or irrelevant. Research and reviews show that Google has now taken steps to fight spam and as a result, it created stiff challenges for most site owners. Concisely, it is now not so easy to get a rank in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing unless you do not follow the laid down parameters.

As competition grows, many business owners can now see the importance of having a strong and prominent online presence. The potential to earn a strong ROI has encouraged people to take drastic steps. As black-hat tactics no longer exists, but if you still follow them then it would not be long before you get noticeable and penalized.

You may want to take this more of a tactics rather than a strategy. However, successful players usually try to anticipate Google’s next moves and proactively respond to them to make an everlasting presence. In other words, this game of chess with Google around SEO services would always continue however, the rules would become more complex every year.

By offering a mix of what I have observed and have read in the past and what I have experienced in the field of onlinemarketing, here are some suggestions on how to prepare your brand for 2014:

All key learning from 2013 are still relevant but more amplified

If you observe 2013 then be sure of the fact that Google will continue to penalize those sites that do not adhere to their guidelines. This would continue in 2014 and so you can expect more websites to fall prey. You can however expect a few adjustments to Panda and Penguin that would continue to target both link quality and content quality on websites.

Quite a few site owners would feel benefited by having quality inbound links. They would continue to perform periodic audits and remove unnatural inbound links. The key focus would always remain on quality and unique content.

Do remember that a solid performance in 2013, then in 2014 you can build a strong foundation and you can do exceptionally well and draw more relevant web traffic.

Marketing yourself through content is going to be bigger and better than before

From being nascent to mature, content is going to be the buzzword for most websites. This will continue in 2014. If you look at it from a SEO perspective then Google would accredit companies that offer robust content development efforts.

Advantages of having good and unique content:

-          Fetches targeted audience
-          The platform to share and engage more people
-          The sign of freshness and uniqueness would be alive

This I guess would not be new as the approach to SEO got a basic shape in this way. The kind of changes you make in 2014 largely depends on what elements miss from your current website. Quite a considerable number of companies may want to build their strategies around mobile marketing, which is not a bad idea at the end of the day.

If you have not moved in the direction of content marketing then it is high time to become committed and start looking for unique ways to shape the content on your website.

Role of Social Media

Social media is and has been playing an important role in digital marketing for the past few years. In the beginning, we saw the exponential growth of both Facebook and Twitter and now, we see how strong social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are becoming.

Today, we see diversification in the trend and kind of role content plays on social media platforms. Both B2C and B2B companies recognized the powerof social media platforms and the way it changes the brand visibility.

Focus on Google+

In addition to social media, strengthening your position on Google+ is not a bad idea. According to Moz, certain critical factors have shown that Google+ is playing an extremely crucial role in SEO rankings.

Guest blogging and content limitation

May be you are not aware of this but GuestBlogging has gained a lot of popularity in the past one year or so. It is an effective means through which you can develop quality inbound links and achieve more traffic. Having mentioned that, you need to be sure that the content you place for your Guest Blog is of good quality. Do ensure that the length of the content is adequate and must be written in such a way so that it draws the attention of onlookers.

Author Bio:-

Sophie Hyde is a technical news junkie and works at SearchEccentric in India. She loves everything about digital world, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media and gadgets.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

7 Ways an Internet Marketing Campaign Can Grow Your Business

Marketing is the most important point of any business. It helps to keep the profits rolling. It does not matter if you are running an online or an offline business. If you do not market it properly then you are not going to make any money. The market equation is as simple as that.

This article is trying to explain the novice and the experts how they can get a big scoop of profits through internet marketing. Through this blog post, she want to share a thought on the variety of ways that a SEO Company can help grow your business through online marketing.

An internet marketing campaign is going to grab the attention of the people who already knows you and your business in a revamped manner. For example, a reputed internet marketing company will use strategies such as SearchEngine Optimization to boost your position in the search engines. This will be a major source of traffic for you. If you adopt the right strategy, then you will find that a number of new people start to discover your website, and hopefully will end up purchasing from you.

Boost the reputation of your company with a successful internetmarketing campaign. It is going to reinforce your brand. Every marketing company will use a variety of different techniques to accomplish this. For example, some companies will try to know about through social media, and others may look out for your blogs, so you become a trusted authority. Honestly, the more trusted you are online, the more likely you are to make a sale, no matter what you charge for your service or product!

As your internet marketing campaign gets into full swing, you will find that your brand name starts to become associated with certain products and services. This could happen on a local or a national basis depending on where you are targeting with your campaign. It is the goal of every marketer to cross this stage. If your company becomes synonymous with certain products and services, then you will get a massive boost in your business. People will start discussing about you online and offline with other people. It takes a long time to get to this stage, but once you do, you are going to earn a lot of money.

Internet marketing could help you capture leads. Many people are there who probably heads to your website, have a quick browse, and then leaves the website quickly. They may be interested in your services, but looking at your website nothing might have fascinated them and hence they take a swift adieu. An internet marketing company must look at the variety of ways to capture these leads for you to use in the future. Perhaps you could get in touch with the customer over the telephone and try to drum up their business, or add them to your mailing list and send out promotions to them later. The choice is completely yours. One thing is for sure, you will generate a lot more business through this method!

Social Media is going to be the key to drive profits through internet marketing campaign. Social Media is the desired way to get a suitable rank in SERPs and to build company reputation. If you can get people discussing your business then you are going to notice a significant jump in turnover. In addition to this, you are going to earn a group of people who likes your products and services and can instantly get in touch with to communicate your latest special offers and promotions.

Some companies may try to make use of email marketing. This sort of ties into lead capture, although you can use email marketing on existing customers too. With email marketing, you will be sending out a regular newsletter. You can use this to communicate information about your company as well as share special offers and discounts. Not only is this going to remind people about your company, but it is also going to give you a nice little boost to business whenever you wish. Honestly, I think any successful internet marketing campaign should make use of email. You will be surprised at just how much extra money you will be able to generate with just a few people on your list. Remember, it is much easier to convert existing customers than gain new ones!

Marketing is also a key for helping you change the focus of your business. As you know, the things that customers want will change over time. Internet marketing will allow you to stay on top of changes in your industry and give customers what they want. This will ensure that your business does not dwindle away.

Therefore, here is a small scoop of the large profits that a company can reap from the right internet marketing strategy. Add your own views if you like to share with our readers.