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Can Twitter Actually Help Your SEO?

Hello friend’s!  Here we come with a new interesting topic for you that it related to SEO. As we all know that there are many social networks out here but some of the common and popular ones have become an essential part of social media marketing like, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn etc.

Tweet! Tweet!

Twitter is another important social networking tool. There are so many blogs out there telling the owners to have a Twitter account because they are able to bring more traffic to your web sites with fewer hassles. Do you think that in internet marketing Twitter can really help to accelerate SEO or it’s simply a place where people make noise and hopes that people are noticing them?

Creating a good rank for sites through social media is essential according to the topmost search engine like Google and Bing admitted this. And when you think about Twitter among other all other social networking sites, first thought that comes your mind is how does Twitter help SEO?

Content sharing can be helpful when indexed by search engine and helps to rank in a search result. Tweeting and retweeting the content for a number of times, increases the value of content and it becomes more important for search engine and feeds you with quality back links.

Tweeting Is Really a Great Tool

To build a Twitter profile and connecting it with unique content requires author authority. When the search engine announces a new ranking signal through Twitter then the spammers come for manipulating the search engine. As per Google, re-tweeting is important. However, that does not mean to create a hundred of fake account and re-tweeting your content, author authority aims to put a stop to that.

If you think that, more number of times you tweet your content and you will get more backlinks, then you are missing the bigger picture. Search engine look who is actually doing the Tweeting. And how long time the person is active on Twitter? Even checks the following list and which type of content the person shares normally. The search engine wants to make sure that fake account doesn’t artificially inflate the reputation of a part of the content.

If you think that only goal of SEO is to secure the top rank in search engines, then you are slightly wrong. Yes, of course, you need to be in the top spot but SEO is also calculated to increase your online company and brand awareness so that you can find your target customer easily.

With Twitter, you can increase your brand awareness. Twitter allows you to bond with your customer, if anyone tweets about your product or brand than they are helping in promoting your message in social network and increase your reach.


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