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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Top 100 Tips for Small Business Owners – Part 4

Just had enough or do you want more? Well, I am not yet finished with my list. I have much more to impart. Yes, this is the final list of 100 SEO tips for all the small business owners who browse our blog.

Readers so here we go with our final list and ideas. Best of luck and improve your SEO techniques every day.

Here are the rest 25 SEO Tips coming your way:

76. Do Not Need To Submit Your Website To The Search Engines – Search Engines you often browse or where your want to rank your website, have evolved beyond the technique to notify as soon as a new website or page is created, so get into the trend.

77. Set Up a Google Plus Page – Doing so will improve the ranking and image in Google and builds trust in order to rank your localized keywords.

78. Remove Those Merge or Add To Pages – If you have a number of content-light pages, with shorter page view times, this may result in poor keyword ranking. So try to avoid this tactic.

79. Start Making Videos – This will make you get a good search visit ration and as the stay time of your visitor on the page increases. Even you can get a good link through video sharing sites.

80. Go Visual – Start creating charts, graphs, Infographics, slideshows, podcasts as visual content are much more appealing than the plain written content. In such cases, you can use a stale content to give a fresh look these visual tactics.

81. Increase Quantity Of Contents – Besides increasing the quality of your content, you need to increase their quantity to increase visitors and sales. Search engines rewards those websites who have a host of good quality 
content and the quantity too. (Mashable, Search Engine Journal, SEOMoz etc)

82. Juxtapose Balancing Content with Marketing Content – If you are going to create content that too without marketing, then people will face a hard time finding your website. If they cannot find it, how will they link or share?

83. Use Google Keyword ToolTo have a good list of words and phrases you can use this tool or may generate some good ideas on which words to use and which to not.

84. Long-Tail Keywords Are in Trend – Do you know it is pretty cheap and easy to rank long-tail keywords? More than 40% of the searches in popular Search Engines have four to five words. Move with the trend use long-tail keywords.

85. Add the Keywords in Their Appropriate Places – Yes, you have to take care of them position and placement. Include them in your URLs, title, Meta descriptions, header tags and image alt tags.

86. Remember Backlinking Affects ranking – Do you know the number and the quality of your links points whether the website will rank good or bad?

87. Good Link, which Competitors Already Have – If someone of your readers or viewers has already linked you to your competitor, then there is a chance that he or she may do the same. Obviously, you have to give them a good reason to do so.

88. Use Branded Backlinks – You need to acquire many branded links like ‘Company Name’ and ‘’ to send signals to search engines which you use for link building.

89. Get to Know Your Linker – Just go to ‘Traffic’ under Google Webmaster Tools and then go to ‘Links’ to check how many sites are linking to you and find out the type and category as well as a value of those websites.

90. Contact Relevant Small Business Website Owners – In order to promote a good relationship with each other try to make SEO simpler and cheaper for you as well as for them.

91. Ranks Are Deceptive – Do not go by the first page ranking, ultimately ranking does not convert to visitor number or sales.

92. What Will You Choose WWW or WWW Make sure that the website is set to load in either of the case or – not both.

93. Have a Flat Website Structure – Make sure that any page of your website gets easy access with three clicks from your homepage.

94. Rich Snippets – With rich snippets, you will get additional data about your site and feed them to the search engines to improve your site appearance in search results.

95. 301 Redirects – If you are able to change the URL but do not redirect to the old URL to the new one, any link pointing to you old website URL will be wasted.

96. Have a Proper 404-Error Page – Linking the best content from the 404 page must be impressive, so that the visitors who see it do not stop visiting your page.

96. Have a Mobile Friendly Website – Your website needs to have a simple structure so that Smartphone or tablet users can browse it while on moving.

97. Have a Check on the Browser and Screen Resolution Compatibility - Your website needs to run perfectly in every web browser - Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox etc. and the screen resolution should be 1366×768, 1024×768, 800×600 etc.

98. Increase the Website Loading Speed – For this, you might use the Google’s Site Speed Tool  and implement the suggestions provided.

99. Use Reliable Web Hosting Company – The websites keyword ranking may degrade if your site becomes regularly inaccessible, so have an access validate web-hosting company to keep upgrading your website.

100. Last but Not the Least, Get Advice from an SEO Consultant – If you have a question on any SEO processes ask it in some online SEO forums or contact a reliable SEO Consultant firm today.

Phew! I just finished the list of 100 SEO tips in four parts, now I may take a deep breath. Hope in these four weeks or may be a little more I have explained the SEO journey for the beginner as well for the experts. Hope to energize you in the next article similarly.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Top 100 SEO Tips For Small Business Owners - Part 3

The weeks were quite upturned  They moved away so fast. Sorry my dear readers I just took a short break but now I am back again. I just remembered that I have to finish the chart that I was sharing.

No way, I had never forgotten about that.

As I am back today, I am going to share more 25 SEO tips for small business owners to set their SEO campaigns on fire. Therefore, here it is.

51. Have Unique Titles for Every Page

Remember that just within 65 characters, you have to make the topic of the page clear, to both humans and search engines.

52. Before Optimizing Research on the Keywords
Choosing the wrong keyword will hurt your business website. It is better to research on the keyword. See how much popularity they have online and thus put them into use. Getting few visitors will not convert into good sales.

53. Get Keyword Ideas from Others

You have easy access to business of many customers, suppliers, friends and partners, associate with them. Check what changes they harp on and keyword they feel like suiting your website. Try to incorporate those changes to get a better search engine ranking.

54. Focus on Relevant Keywords

If you are able to hot the relevant keywords, then it becomes quicker and easier for you to make them rank. You will be able to get a higher percentage of buyers from them.

55. Lay Stress on the Keywords with Commercial Objective

You will love to have those visitors who will spend money for you, than those who are just searching or gathering information. So it is important to look for the commercial keywords in order to make profits through proper sale.

56. One Page for One Keyword

This process will help you to make it simpler for the search engines top categorize and rank the pages.

57. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

This is the reason for which most of the websites gets a penalty from Google through their random updates. If you use keywords phrase repeatedly in a single page, you are surely going to suffer a website succumb.

58. Do Not Pre-Set the Backlink Target

Link building is such an option that you need to be steady in approach. Be more consistent, keep the process on-going and stop when you reach a desired number. So not make targets from the beginning as it may hurt your website.

59. Have Backlinks from Relevant Sources

If you want to have relevant result for each keywords in the search engine pages, then have a strong signal and make sure that your site is relevant.

60. Work for High Quality Links

If it is easy enough to gain a link, then it is of less value. When it is hard to achieve a link, more valuable it is.

61. Stay Away From the Link Networks

If you think that benefits of link networks are ample, then you are wrong. Getting links from the network is low, and the risk of being penalty doubles and you lose your rank.

62. Stretch Your Backlink Profile
This is the process of getting different types of links from a wide range of IP address. You will thus tend to get relevant and trusted backlinks for your website.

63. Sign Up in Ahrefs, Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer

By registering yourself here, you will get access to extensive backlink data for your website as well as your competitor’s website.

64. Comment on Other’s Blogs

If you can comment on other and trusted blogs, then you will slowly develop a relationship. Both the site owner and the visitor to that the site will start knowing you, which will bring positive traffic to your website.

65. Talk to Bloggers of the Same Niche

If you come across a relevant blog owner via social sites, forums, email etc, try to strengthen your relationship. This will more likely help you to get a link to your site and people will start sharing your contents.

66. Press Release, a Good Option to Share News and Opinions

If you want to keep your content move in a flow and keep on getting links from sites outside the industry then start writing PR’s.

67. Put the Address and Phone Number in Your Website

As soon as you provide the address and phone number to your visitors through the website, chances to build trust and gain superior rankings amplify. Especially when you are targeting keywords that contain your city or towns name.

68. Have Your Name in the Local Directory

It is important to get your name in the local directory. I am not talking about all, rather take the top 10 and register soon.

69. Ask Your Customer to Leave Reviews On Google+ and Local Directories

If you start getting positive reviews through the local directories, then it is surely going to improve your ranking in Google local listing.

70. Have Social Sharing Buttons

You need to add social sharing buttons to your website pages. This will help the visitors to share content easily wherever they want.

71. Social Media and SEO are Different

You have to understand this clearly that social strategy and SEO strategy are two different things. If you cannot distinguish both, then you might hurt your website ranking.

72. Search Engines Is Going To Rank Webpages and Not Websites

Try to understand this fact by now that a page ranks for a particular keyword depending on the quality of that page and not the website as a whole.

73. It Is Possible For Small Business to Rank High Than Big Daddies

It is possible for a small business website page to rank much faster than a big business, so SEO for small business has an eminent reason to try.

74. Try to Know Where You Stand

If you are using the Google Webmaster Tools, then go to ‘Traffic’ and ‘Search Queries’ to check where your website is ranking for a different set of keywords.

75. Try to Rank among Top 3 and Not Just Top 10

Do not opt for just top 10 position try to become the top 3 for a keyword then you can get a small percentage of traffic from searches of that keyword.

More 25 tips to go! So hold your breath till you ride the last cruise of SEO tips.