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Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 “Black Hat” SEO Techniques That You Must Avoid

Hello new comers here we come with a new attractive topic, which will help you to know the black side of SEO. We always discuss about what is important, how to boost your sites and how to improve sites that search engines can recognize easily.

However, this article is not like the others, because it is telling you the black side of SEO or the way in which webmaster cheats the search engine. That’s why the name “BLACK HAT” is given.

“Black Hat” SEO is not any kind of software which helps you to rank well. It’s a technique that is used by the webmaster to get higher rankings in a wrong way. These “Black Hat” SEO techniques generally take some kind of tips and this are the following.

1. Break search engine rules and policy

2. Overutilization of the web sites with the help of SEO, creating a poor user experience directly

3. Wrongly presents content in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spider and search engine users.

If you want to gain your traffic quicker than some blogger and webmaster, then you use “Black Hat” SEO techniques. Unaware of the fact that it is going to destroy your SEO career. If you think that, you came on top with the help of “Black Hat” SEO techniques in one day then it is wrong, because it gains traffic more quickly but in future, it will lead your sites to get banned by Google.

Some Techniques to Avoid

Doorway Pages: Doorway pages are those kinds of pages, which are created for search engine spiders. It is normally a fake page. With the help of doorway page, you can trick the search engine to index the site higher.

Avoid Hidden Keyword and text: Hidden keyword is mostly used by bloggers. It’s the process in which blogger selects bunch of keyword which they want to rank higher, that’s why they put the keyword in the same background color as the page will give a better position. This is the technique only Google can crawl.

Content Quality and Scraping: Search engine like to see unique and quality content on your sites, but using a software to manipulate the original content is the other “Black Hat” SEO techniques. This software regenerates the original content with different style. In addition, if you have a weak content with grammar mistake, spelling mistakes then it is bad for your sites.

Blank Pages & Backdoor Entry: There are Reasons to create a web page for customer and visitor to give information about your product and services. But if you have a blank page with no content then it may be dreadful for your blog. Backdoor is another technique for “Black Hat” SEO for the entry into main websites other way. If a search engine finds the bad pages at your sites, the sites will be banned.

Avoid Link Spamming and Link Farming: Link spamming is the easiest way for “Black Hat” SEO. They link your site to another site, which relates to your sites. The whole process is done with the help of automatic software which use different proxy and leave a link in the comments. On the other hand, you always keep a standard ratio with inbound and outbound links, otherwise search engine neglects your site and see where you add your links.

You will always get two ways in your life one way will lead you to success while other way will lead you to destruction”. As per the line”Black Hat” SEO is the path of destruction. So friends never waste your time with this type of wrong techniques.


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