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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Increasing Business Sales via Successful Online Marketing

This is a guest post by Bob Willis, check it out to explore fascinating ideas to get success in online marketing.

Traffic to your website can be regular. However, are you converting that interest into actual sales to make your business more productive? Many websites rank high in search engines and get regular traffic too, but achieves low conversion rates when it comes to making online sales!

There are numerous reasons for this; from pricing and product to navigation and so on. Issues may be various, but it encourages site visitors to purchase from your website, its well laid-out with a precise message. Keep in mind that if the web-visitors find your website tacky and can't find what they want instantly, they will go somewhere else and won't come back, ultimately causing no profit to your website.

Impact of internet marketing:

However, thanks to the internet, today the concept of online marketing has surely become a broadly used technique to market or promote business websites. Thanks to such augment in this practice. Of late numerous ways have evolved in order to market online successfully, in comparison to the conventional ways of marketing.

Apart from that modern online marketing tools vary significantly from various conventional ways of marketing. Search has become one of the most frequently used ways for customers to find what they want.

Benefits of SEO or search engine optimization

It has become a common practice by business owners with websites to get business online. The website owners make available all the pertinent information about the company, its products, services and other offerings to the viewers by effectively using various online marketing tools like SEO or search engine optimization, ‘pay per click’ and so on.

Searching and browsing online is the most common activity nowadays, in consequence, search marketing is an extensively recognized way of reaching out to customers on the internet.

A number of people when looking out for a particular product or service use search as an initial tool, hence, a good traffic website serves the purpose in a very cost effective and valuable method. However, while increasing business through website, it is very vital to bear in mind what exactly is the relevant target audience to drive more and more traffic through your website.

Benefits of online marketing

Integrated marketing is valuable for any small or big business companies as it is one of the most influential ways to run a business effortlessly and efficiently so that life becomes simpler for the client as well as the service provider.

Thanks to the online marketing services provided by the SEO companies, one can easily boost their online marketing to add more profit to their business. The process includes all the marketing techniques and strategies in one service.

One of the biggest benefits of using online marketing to enhance your business sales is that here all the social media marketing campaigns are used with great success. Best part of all online marketing strategies consist of websites, email, newsletters, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising that can do wonder to take your online business to a new level.

Bottomline Says...

In the recent business scenario, online marketing has become the ultimate marketing tool for most of the businesses. In upcoming years, this new concept will only grow to greater heights and there is no doubt that online marketing will boost your business sales like never before.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Breaking News - Google Is Updating Panda….SSSSHHHH it’s Hidden This Time!

News to break you up surely!

Oops! Google strikes again, just pull on your socks; I have something shocking to share. This time a ten-day Panda update is going to take place. The Panda update commenced on 18th July. However, we know that Google releases their updates often within day or two. However, this time it is a little trickier. They launched the update in a silent manner.

While checking out the popular SEO websites and blog we came across Search Engine Journal who confirmed the update of Panda in next 10 days.

Matt Cutts says that he is going to share an update every month for a period of ten days to lessen the burden on the webmasters. Now it is going to have a disadvantage it will make the thing more difficult for the webmasters to determine which one is an update, and which one is a normal fluctuation.

Do You Want To Know How Google Is Going To Keep You On Your Toe?

·         Some of the major informational sites like Wikipedia are having a large impact. Actually, the authority sites are getting more importance in the search engine results.

·         There are some of the prominent webmasters who have clearly stated that Google + is going to have a positive impact on the search engine ranking of the respective websites. People visiting the Google + often will be rewarded. However, it is yet to prove as some have benefited from their use and others have nothing to comment on it. See the study by Search Metrics on the SERP trends in 2013.

·         Well the third assumption is that the number of impressions has grown and the number of CTR is remaining the same.

Visit Google’s Webmaster Tools now for further details!

Arrrggghhh! What We Gonna Do??

1. Gosh, we have been saying a lot of time in our article and blogs about the use of Google Authorship. If you have not yet enabled them, then go for it now. It is very simple to use and if you are not using them, you are missing something big in the path.

2. Have a Google + account and a Google+ business page. It’s time to get social buddy. Start adding people to your circles. Post content that seems to be meaningful. For sustaining in the industry for a longer time, share reliable source of information (practically good information).

Today it is 25th July, more three days in hand. However, it is Panda update having a soft impact on the SERPs, but look. If you are still dabbling in black-hat SEO practices, you are going to view much impact from now.

Are you still wondering how Panda update will affect your website and the SERPs? Well, wait and watch, three days to go… the clock is ticking! Tick..tock…tick..tock…

Top 10 Trends to Own a Successful Ecommerce Website – PART 2

Walla, it’s time to my shopping!

Click, click, click and more click, well am done.. I bought a new pair of Puma Sneakers today.

With time style of shopping has change a lot. Previously we used to hop from one shop to another in the Broadway Street. Then next was a Departmental store or Malls where we could everything in one place. With time, changes took place and online shopping took the world by storm. Now you just have to place the order sitting at home and get your product almost instantly.

Previously we have shared the five tips on building a successful e-commerce website. Here, are the rest five to give you a confirmed success.

No 6: Website Design

When you running an ecommerce website then you must to look at its design, because when anyone who visits your website the first thing he or she will see is your website looks? So, if you running a homemade or low-cost ecommerce website then it might be the time to change your mind and invest money for better web design for your ecommerce website.

Suggestion How to Make Good Website Design

Hire a professional web designer to create your ecommerce website, because an expert knows what type of visitor interacts with your website and it can bring a steady online business growth. When you choose some web design company you have to very careful with their skill, genuine advice and their track record.

No 7: High PR

Remember when you hire full or part time staff for your website then one of their jobs will be maintaining the PR. Search engine assigns PR to every website to show their value in web as the world seems to be consumed by SEO. Promote your website on off-line basis and feature on blogs, news sites etc. It helps your website to get more visitors.

Suggestion on How to Check Your PR

Check your website report with blogs or news sites in your marketplace as these visitors can be very powerful allies. Train up your staff with new techniques like pay-per-click advertising – this tool is very effective when used correctly.

No 8: Web Analytics

Do you have a website? Have you installed Google Analytics? If you have not installed then just go and install it right now.  With help of this analytics, you can easily monitor your website, such as where your visitor are coming from and tracking sales conversations. If you understand these tools, then you can easily know what work and what does not.

Suggestion How to Use Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a powerful tool so be careful with this use. Be careful when you send out newsletters or update your site.

 No 9:  Stop Relying on Google Always

If you think that ranking on top in the search engine is the only way to generate a lot of business, then it’s not true. The truth is that do not leave everything on Google, otherwise, you are going to land up in a bad situation.  If Google drop your website ranking for some reason then you would to like do so.

Suggestion on How to Use Google

Do not rely on any particular aspect for your ecommerce website. It’s right that good quality SEO can be effective for your website.

No 10: Customer Service

Customer service is the most eminent point, which you must consider while maintaining your ecommerce website.  If you fall for this point then a good customer service can help you to strategize in the right way.

Suggestion How to Handle Customer Service

Make sure about your order and post them on time. You have to clear your clients issue quickly and cheerfully.

These points will help you to increase your customer for your business and a good ecommerce website helps you the most. We can also talk about pay-per-click and SEO; those elements are very helpful for your website. As the saying goes, “a happy customer will tell their friends; an unhappy customer will tell anyone who will listen.”

Monday, July 22, 2013

Top 10 Trends to Own a Successful Ecommerce Website – PART 1

Every business should change with the time. Many online businesses update with latest technology. To tap crowd source marketing with the use of websites is popularly called e-commerce. Now these days online stores do extremely well. That’s why friends we are going to share some useful tips which is help you to success in your ecommerce website for your online business.

Establishing an ecommerce website is not like rocket science. Yet, there are businesses who get them wrong. To avoid the wrong steps we are here to share some lessons. In this article, you will get five tips and for the rest five hang on for the next article.

So let’s start.

No 1: Updated Daily

It is not enough to update your website weekly or monthly basis, you need is to update your website in daily basis. If you don’t have a new product in daily basis then you need to find other ways to update yourself and give desirable reasons to your customer to come back time and again.

Suggestion How to Updated Daily

Give daily special offer such as new blog, clearance stock, editor’s picks, pre-orders, and latest arrivals. Be creative when you update website. The more you update the more customer will return to your website.

No 2: Regular Newsletters

If you send newsletters to your customer at least once in a week then change your rule. If you do not have a new advertise in the box. Send newsletter to your customer in regular basis. Its help your customer to grow brand awareness and for that reason customer do not forget your websites. Always use good email marketing service and high quality branded email template, which will impress your clients or customers.

Suggestion How to Regular Newsletters

Send in regular newsletters such as special offer, upcoming products or editor’s picks. For sending this in regular newsletter, you will get a fair chance to increase your sales of new products. It will also raise your brand awareness.

No 3: Make Easy for Your Customers

One thing you must remember that your websites is for your customer so make your ecommerce website easily accessible. Where customers can easily find what they want and buy products of their choice. Make sure that they do not think too much while ordering any products.

Suggestion How to Make Easy for Your Customers

You might use those things in your ecommerce website like, flash animation with cool music; add telephone number where they can speak to a real person. So they do not hesitate while making purchases.

No 4: Stay Ahead Of the Competition

You have to move with time, as time change the technology and strategy also changes. So always update yourself and your ecommerce website with latest technology. In business arena your competitor always try to get one-step ahead so do not hesitate to adopt new technology.

Suggestion How to Stay Ahead Of the Competition

Always look for best idea for your online business and strive the best in marketplace.

No 4: Get a Full Timer to Manage Ecommerce Website

If your website is sideline in your main business then you always earn sideline revenue. For successful ecommerce website, you have to hire dedicated staff to run it on a full time basis. That kind of staff shares all updates and easy applications to your ecommerce website for you to get full advantage of it. Your full timer also checks that your ecommerce website does not get panelized from Google or other search engine.

Suggestion How to Check that your Staff Working or Not?

You monitor their work through the monitoring services and applications to review their work from time to time. Try to collect record from them on a daily basis to keep a track of their work.

Just five ideas are not enough and WorldSEOEducation knows that so, keep reading our blog to get five more exciting tips to build a successful e-commerce website.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Facebook Welcomes Vine like Features to Instagram

After the collaboration of Instagram with Facebook, people witnessed many changes in their features. In the beginning of the month of June, there were only rumors that Facebook might be adding videos to Instagram. Much news has been saying about the speculation for some days. Yet, it is a gossip or a fact it’s hard to tell. Rumors are still on or it ended! Let’s explore.

With the introduction of the video to Instagram will be a direct tough compete to the Twitter’s video sharing service, Vine. The public release of Vine in January 2013 has grown significantly within the next few months.

The clues are everywhere that video will be the next step for the Instagram to adopt, who no doubt have more than 100 million users. Facebook prevented Vine from using their user-friendly features and thus Vine reverted to twitter.

Facebook protects its brand and in a similar way it is safeguarding the Instagram uploads from being posted directly onto Twitter. However, Instagram users still can share their photos on Twitter platform, but users have to hit the link. Directing the users back to the Instagram platform, users then finally will spend more time on the application. It thus helps in maintaining the Facebook and Instagram brands.

From another prospective, it will be strategic for the Facebook to release the Instagram video, as it will make it more cozy and comfortable to make the video ad units become more extrusive.

Just from the June 20, after the product announcement, Facebook sent snail mail invitations with the outline of a coffee mug. Just after the launch of the hashtag application on Facebook, the social network has made the blogging platform powerful through the Graph Search. Users of Vine are already aware of the fact that it is a source of real fun and it’s a shame as it shows just as a link on the Facebook.

Videos are not as common as a feature on the Facebook. However, with the launch of the video Instagram component, it is sure to encourage more people to capture short clips of the moments in their lives. You will also find some editing features as there are for the pictures on Instagram. 
You will come across a plenty of other apps too. However, the fact is that, Facebook owns the Instagram with a wild popularity and the app will surely make it more successful than the third party competitors will.

In such a case what will happen to the apps like: ViddyCinemagramSocialcam (which are tagged as the “Instagram for video” at one time or another). Well, they are not going to give compete to the Instagram and their brand new feature.

Well all the hoax ended on June 22 when Instagram officially announced that the video sharing services would grow in leaps and bounds. Moreover, to prove their words people 5 million videos to Instagram just in 24 hours on June 21. The embedding protocols of the Instagram are similar to YouTube’s. On clicking, the “share” button below a video gives you HTML code that you can copy and paste onto your website. Facebook assures that embedded photo or video appears with Instagram username and clicking on the link will divert the user to where they can discover more of your photos and videos. You can upload videos of 15 seconds in length, a hard try of Facebook to give a tough compete to twitter Vine. Surely it is giving the compete it promised. With 130 million active users, Instagram’s video sharing figures is going to rise like waves soon.

So upload your video on Instagram now and have a chilling experience unlike 6 seconds Vine videos…now shoot up to 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..13..14..15..SECONDS!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Selecting A Blogging Platform – 5 Questions You Need To Ask?

How do you enter the blogosphere with a loud bang? – Just selecting the correct blogging platform and you are set to cruise.

Blogging is a one of the most powerful medium for communicate and building relationship with your customers and for social media strategy. Now these days there are so many platforms for creation of blogs and that’s why you have to choose the right platform for it.

Most of all maximum blogging platforms work on a basic level, but when we are talking about long-term blogging strategy then they may be bad for you.  That’s why it makes sense when you think to choose the platform for blogging.

Nearly all blogging platforms out there are same with others, but there are some minor variations.  If you want to use any blog for long term then you have to choose the right platform for that.

Here are 5 questions you ask before choosing the platform for blogging.

Platform Health

There are lots of simple and easy blogging platform out there, which are helpful to hobby bloggers. Those blogging platforms have an eye on becoming famous and rich for their clever wit and insightful insights.

However, when you create a blog for business or looking for followers then you have to pay attention to the power of the blogging platforms. If you want to grow your blog base and capabilities, then you to need more option for that. You may not need all or every option available for you, but there are some important options, which you have to search for your blogging platform.

CMS (Content Management System) - Easy To Use

CMS or content management system is mostly available in all type of blogging platform. For those platforms that do not realize what a CMS does. It saves you from the complex HTML codes to add text messages, images, change in font etc.

Mainly CMS systems offer the basic functions like for example bold, italic, underline, font size and some other styling options. Those options may be enough for you, but many people want more easy to use options for example inserting table, switching between visual and code review, image editing, highlight text and so on. The more options you get in CMS the more you can to make your content visually appealing.

Search Engine Friendly

If any blogging platforms are not user friendly, then they lose the main key to drive traffic for their blogs. If your blog is not searchable by the popular search engines then your blog is going to get impaired.

Therefore, it is one of the most important elements for any blogging platforms, who have to care about having more traffic. Search engine friendly blogs help you to drive more traffic through your content and build huge audience for your blogs.

Ownership of Blogging content

It is important for a blogger to know who owns the content. The issue is not about who is the owner of the words rather who has the ability to control the world of the post.

Some of the blogging platforms do censors some typical kind of bloggers from producing some definite types of contents. This is not a bad thing; it can lead the blog to get censored because you get to know an opinion that it is deemed unacceptable by the masses. Ownership also denotes that you have the authority to say what you want to and how you want.

When it comes to authorship then you have to grant two things: one the ability to take the content and second is to show the value of your content with a new platform you choose to show. Some of the platforms do not allow you to export the content easily and more importantly set up redirects to make sure that you get new visitors.


Cost is a very important factor when you start blogging. Those blogger who ensure about long-term blogging career, I suggest them about using free blogging platform. If you are serious about your blogging career and looking for something that pays, you back and give you more of what you like.

Keep in mind any blogging platform is costs money that does not means the platform is better than free platform. And remember that the free blogging platform won’t give you everything that you need. It is not possible to measure your blogging abilities in dollars. You have to a lot of energy and time rather than actual blogging. Blog management is no doubt critical and leaving it to someone else maybe worthy.

These five question discussed above in our blog post will make you arm with best blogging platform for your needs. You must stay informed and know all the answers to these five questions beforehand, rather than jumping into something that will not turn into your long-term blogging partner.

To stay in the blogosphere choose a platform to affirm your blogging career and march ahead!!! Happy Blogging Amigos!!