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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Twitter Marketing – 10 Hot Tips to Steer Your Business with 140 Characters

Tweet! Tweet!

Do you want to have a sip of fresh ideas to promote marketing via Twitter?

In this last 6 years, Twitter has become the trendsetter in marketing. Since, more numbers of business owners have plunged into Twitter marketing, so you have to keep evolving fresh ideas so that the channel does not become stale.

Twitter is a great Microblogging tool that has hit the business town in 2006 like a wild storm and is continuing with similar rage. If you use it effectively, steering impossible marketing situations will become easy.

On Twitter, the tweet messages are just having 140 characters and hence your words need to creative, impactful and must add value to your customer’s life. This will help you to get the most out of the social media marketing.

If you think to be successful, then you cannot make all the tweets sent a similar marketing message. In that case, the best social media advice is to offer knowledge, fun and promotion all mixed together to encourage customers to converse with your business on Twitter.

10 Best Twitter Marketing Tips for the Business Owners

Twitter gives you the scope to share the instant thought of your business in 140 characters and thus make it popular. However, it sounds goofy as Microblogging is little tough. So, use innovative tips to build a strong presence in the web world –

·         Stuff Relevant Keywords in your Tweet

Make a list of relevant keywords that describes your business in the best way. Use these keywords when you compose your 140-character tweet messages.

·         Personalization of the profile

Customize your business profile to reflect your unique personality. You need to display the relevant information and must add your website address. It is good to craft @replies and promotional tweets that match your brand personality.

·         Draw their attention using the # (Hashtags) and curate conversations
You can give rewards to your followers by retweeting their tweets on your blog like #PUMA .They are encouraging their fans to tweet pictures of PUMA shoes.

@dimepieceLA25Jun: Our outfit of the day @ #dimepiecela thanks nylonmag @puma for these awesome Puma wedge sneaks!…

·         Strengthen your personal bonding with customers

1.You have to lighten the business tone to connect with your customer.
2.You must ask for the opinions and offer some witty tips to your customer.
3.You can add them to a private list of tweeters and retweeters.
4.Review them for great contents that you might have missed.
5.Thanks people for sharing or retweeting great things from your page.

·         You have to share a good story

People have to share web content, which are relevant to their niche. Like  sports good retailer must tweets pictures or stories on exciting sports like mountain climbing, riding etc. Share links of useful contents that are effective at growing and retaining followers.

·         You have to keep a track

You should shorten the web content in the form of to keep a tab on all your tweets. Like which one is re-tweeted and which got a follow. This helps you to choose the best followers.

·         Connect the right people

Remember 2 crucial twitter marketing tips: 1. Do not find people in the hope that they will follow you back automatically. 2. Try to find people who are more likely to follow you back. Use tools like Follower Wonk or WeFollow to find people who share an interest towards your business.

·         Refrain of the total automation

Twitter is not a robotic network, so you do not have to rely on the automation all the time. Do limit the social sync tools and auto-follow all the programs.

·         Maintain the standard platforms

Customers will try to look for you on other social profiles, so you must use the same social pictures to restore the same personality everywhere. You can add your LinkedIn account with Twitter account making your Twitter activities relevant to your business.

·         Use of tools to track

You need to have a good exposure, and for that, you must use tools, which helps you to know the conversion results of your regular tweets. Use HootSuite or Summify to filter your Twitter activities.
With these invaluable Twitter tips, you can hit the market with craze and dominance once more.