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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 Ways to Engage Audience through Blog Comments

Is it possible to measure your success via content marketing or blog? - Page views, search engine rankings, earned links, conversions or sales can any of these options help you to track your success in content marketing. Whatever metric you may use, all needs to achieve the marketing goal for your blog.

With that in mind, have you ever thought to consider blog commenting as a way to measure your content marketing success? If not, then try it now.

Why do you need comments for your website/blog?

It sounds like no-brainer to the digital marketers as to whether comments are a source of popularity or just a simple user engagement. To some of the digital marketers, metrics like the rankings and page views hold more weight, and that is partially true. Ruling your blog with comments is a little bit foolish aspect.

There will be blog posts, which might receive comments and page views more than other. The goal of the contents in your blog is to encourage traffic rather than engagement, then the comments might fall by the wayside. However, it is advisable not to put all the eggs in one basket.

Do not concentrate on one metric. With the evolution of social media digital marketing sphere has broadened and thus building a community around your brand equally important as appearing in the 1st page of the SERPs. In order to be outstanding in the digital marketing sphere, you have to merge facets like social, content, search and paid media all defines to become ‘holistic.’

The goal and objective of your content marketing should encourage user engagement. Quality is no doubt important when it comes to comment. No one likes to get spam. Real judgment lies in the fact that what said is what shared. What additional value it adds up to your content?

Therefore, it is mandatory not to accept comments lamely, just for the sake of user engagement. Encourage quality comments for your website. What should you do to engage fans with quality comments?

#1.Start asking questions to your blogger commentor – ask actual questions and not those rhetorical ones. If you give people a reason to share their thoughts, then they are going to engage themselves in quality comments. The best tactics is to place the question at the end of the blog post. This allows user to respond with a variety of answers rather restricting to a single response.

#2.Share inspirational comments – offer something that people has never seen in any other blog. This brings quality over quantity. If your content is unique and adds true value to the content topic, niche, industry or sector you deal. It is quite normal that users will comment to either contribute posts or praise your efforts.

#3.Topics should be exciting enough to drive more traffic to your content – Content may contain latest industry news, events or might take something popular that happened within your niche in recent days. If you create such content when there is a demand for it and if it resonates with your audience, then people will comment more on it.

#4.Stay active as soon as you post a new blog on your website – Blogging and commenting walks side by side, so if you think to get a lot of comment without investing time in actually engaging your blog by yourself, then you have to wait for long. Contribute comments that are both interesting and insightful. Leave behind exciting tips, questions and keep replying. This will actually help you to build the bridge of relationship and encourage contribution of contents to your blog.

#5.Do not forget to reply – You must reply to the comments, at least share “thanks” for their thoughts and touch on what they have contributed. This allows your readers to know that you have read their comments and acknowledged their contribution. To elongate the conversation you can ask questions and keep the debate going.

Seeking attention like this drives a long way and users will only be happy to share content so that they keep coming.


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