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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Should we redesign our Website often?

This is a common question that I often answer my friends and visitors - how often should they redesign their website? My answer – “it totally depends on you?

You should ask yourself that does your website design really needs improvement or not. . Whether, the result generated by your website satisfies you. What is Your Thought?

If your answer is YES, then there is no need to improve your website design. Therefore, you might look at your other aspects like content, changes in gadget and improving them often. You can also add items to wish list that will increase the user experience. If SEO or search engine optimization is your main anxiety, then you may need some changes in technology, as it is the key to a successful redesign.

If your answer is NO, then you need to analyze the website and check which things needs improvement. Mostly the problem lies in the content on your website. So, check that where the problem lies whether in content or in morsel.

As per my point of view, reviewing the website quality.every year and redesigning it ensures a good traffic throughout the year.

How Much Active is Your Website?

If you have a lot of repeated visitor or customer and they connect with your website often, then they may get bored with the look of your website, but remember people also hate frequent changes. So, be very careful about the changes on your website during the redesign or makeover.

If you need to establish navigation, then do not tinker with it. It is actually something very good. Sit and discuss with your web designer about which elements are popular on your website and which elements are not. This will help you to take a good decision on how to make changes on your website without confusing your visitors.

One must also consider current website that should fit with your brand and sales strategy. If your website is giving the wrong intuition to your clients or visitors about who you are as a company owner, then it is the main reason to think about redesigning your website.. The brand users often judge your products by browsing through your website, so any negative imitation should be taken into consideration urgently. Use your own knowledge to guide your web design.

Think like “if I was a customer of this company what things might have given me the optimum satisfaction”. Think like the customers!


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