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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Google Plus Business Page – Get’s You Thinking


Do you have a social profile in it? …. If not have it now….

Let us cut to the good stuff. Here, we are going to cover some of the great benefits of having a Google Plus Business Page. Keeping up with the latest trends in social media is imperative for the business success. Google Plus at present may not have the same following as Facebook. However, it’s good to ride on the bandwagon now, than to chase later when its starts overflowing.

Here, we need to mention the synergetic effect of SEO and Social Media. Since, Google+ is going to reap great SEO benefits and web visibility, in spite of Google not being their creator.

You may be thinking:

•                    My social media marketing is complete with Facebook presence
•                    I am tweeting regularly, so I am always connected to the market
•                    I have sufficient web presence
•                    I don’t think the customers want me online
•                    I do not like to pick social media channels to publicize business. I don’t have faith in social media gibberish

People in business, you should refresh your thoughts on social media. Google Plus is no more a mumbo-jumbo. When it comes to dominate the web, you will never get to cover it 100%, but surely, you can close the gap between 100% and 10%. And Google+ does that.

Google+ Business Page is making a fast success. Is this the only reason to use Google Plus?
No, not certainly. Three more reasons are covered here, which tells why you must use Google+

1.                   Google+ has 359 million monthly active users, says Global Web Index Study, offering a market with huge potential to tap.
2.                   It’s the Second largest social media platform. Therefore, you must scoop the benefits before it rolls over for your competitors.
3.                   With the latest Google Algorithm update, all social network activity has become a great factor in determining your SERP. When it comes to SEO and social media, Google+ content will easily trump content on any other social platform.

Who May Be Using Google+?

The objective of joining a social media platform for business owners is mainly because of gathering leads. Thus, businesses using Google+ have seen a significant increase in the traffic after the platform received a major facelift in the month of May. The popular demographic user chart on Google+ shows that -

•                    63% are predominantly male
•                    They belong to the United States
•                    Mainly they are a tech savvy crowd

If you own a B2B company in the US, having tech savvy audience becomes a determining factor. It is crucial for B2B companies to get tech savvy.

Six Benefits of Having a Google+ Business Page – ‘boost your business discoverability’

Google+ Business Page works in a similar manner as Facebook Business Page. You need to be a Google+ member before opening a Business Page. With the Business Page, you will get another page that search Engines can index and will display your business rather neatly.

1.            Easy to engage with target customers - Potential customers are always on Google+, all you need is to gather them delicately. Do not shout out the marketing messages. Better, be polite. Talk to them, engage with them, and schedule the engagement time according to their convenience.

2.            Grow faster relationship - It is useless to use a bandwagon when it gets jammed. Start building relationship when the crowd is less as this will let you easily be heard.

3.            More professional in approach - Google+ is more professional and informational compared to Twitter and Facebook. Google + dominates the web world with quality content, which consumers like and appreciate.

4.            Google Hangouts and Video Chats - The Hangouts and live Video Chats make Google+ more interactive. Not only text, but you can also have talk sessions with your targeted customer. Big businesses spend thousand on marketing and survey, but you can do it in just $20 with a webcam and spending a little time.

5.            Future Integration of developed apps and tools - Google has some plans to integrate with different other tools and apps, thus you can reap great benefits.

6.            Better SERPs - Does your business need free visibility and web presence? Then ‘Google It’ now. Get more shelf space on search engine page results with Google+.

Make regular updates to the wall, link your business page to any content that you create. All is just too easy with Google+. So, stop reading and start creating a Google Plus Business Profile

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