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Monday, February 18, 2013

SEO In Small Business- Part 1

Guys we are new in the field of SEO but within a few days, I think our blog has snapped the attention of many. Regularly we search many blogs or sites to improve our knowledge about SEO and Small Business. We have noticed that the information is not enough for newcomers, because when an expert blogger or a site owner post his or her content on their domain they think that every reader have known a basic knowledge.

However, it’s not possible for newcomers to know everything. They visit the blog to improve their knowledge. Therefore, we thought to launch a blog or article not only for experts but also to improve knowledge for newcomers.

Today, every small business owner wants to improve his or her business. However, in this business Jungle many larger and prestigious brands totally grab the business world. So how will you improve your business against those big brands? This article is for the small business owner who wants to challenge the big business brand and improve his or her own business.

First thing, you have to admit that you cannot give challenge directly to the larger brands, because the marketing budget between a novice and an achiever in business is large. Small business is not able to topple their larger counterparts when it comes to media acquisition. Rather they must go for more targeted and refined approach.
We all know that big reputed companies are also doing SEO, so what benefit dose the small business gets done SEO?

Let us learn the quick tips to make profits from SEO for your small business.

(We are going to divide the content into two parts for better readability)

1.       Content Is the King
We always hear that content is king, but any time have you ever thought why content is king or why people say that content is king? Since, when visitors come to your site they first see your page content and read what the page all about is and if they are not satisfied with your content then they depart. This is not good for your site. Therefore, you need to put unique and quality content for your sites and update it with new content regularly, its help to get more visitors and increase your traffic.

2.       Keyword Needs Attention

If any small business owner thinks that the keyword is not important for SEO then they should try to know the internet marketing in a better way. Big brands love “Keywords.”

Create a keyword user friendly. Like if you have a flower boutique in Georgia then you do not use the keyword like “flowers”, “fresh flowers”, “fresh flowers in Georgia” tries something different or new. Try the keyword like “best rose bouquets available in Georgia”,“best orchid boutique in Georgia” its help your customer to realize a difference between you and others.

Don’t use the same list of keyword, visitors’ thoughts keep on changing. Therefore, research keywords regularly and check the changes in the search pattern.

3.       Make an SEO Friendly Website

Many websites owners make mistakes with their website URLs. Websites URLs can be viewed as both ‘’ and ‘’, for this reason search engine identifies two web addresses with the same content. To solve this issue use A 301 redirect. With the help this, search engine identifies which page or pages are preferred and another page will be avoiding any duplicate content.

(This article is going to continue in the next session.
So Keep Watching!!)


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