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Monday, February 11, 2013

Top 3 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rank Trackers

Are you having a blog of your own? Are you having a steady source of income from your blog? If you have a steady and perfect blog then you are able to make money from the ads or other sources. And if you are able to set aside some of the money from it, then you can go to the keyword tracker.

What are these tools? These tool design to know if the SEO is working perfectly. It allows you to check the website and its keyword ranking in the search engines like Google, AoL,Yahoo, Bing etc.

This allows you to know the increase and decrease in the keyword ranking.


Top three advantages are:

•         A rank tracker is the easiest way to check the rankings and to check if the SEO is giving positive results. If you are that kind of person who do have a tool but does not work, then it is better to use a rank tracker.

•         If you are running an SEO agency or a company, then you can use the rank tracker to manage the client’s websites. It is a stress free method.

•         You can track any keyword with a rank tracker. Would you like to track 50 keywords using a rank tracker or prefer to do it manually?


Top three disadvantages are:

Rank tracker does not come with so many disadvantages. The most crucial disadvantage is that you have to buy it with money.

Some of the rank trackers are not accurate. If you are looking for important queries, then it is better to do manually than relying on the unfit tool. However, for rough rankings of many keywords rank trackers is the best choice.

There are rank trackers, which do not exceed the amount of pages assigned. If you have a keyword in page 345, the rank tracker will display this result “Not lies in the top 100”. This is disappointing.

However, as the disadvantages are not so vital, many prefer to use it. Here are few rank trackers, which you might use for your website:

•         Microsite Masters
•         Serpscan
•         Raven Tools
•         Sistrix
•         Rank Ranger

These tools either offer free trial or charge you a comparative price. Try them to do a better Search Engine Optimization.


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