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Friday, November 22, 2013

Which Update Will Maintain the Google Traffic Now? - It’s The Zebra Update

Google is going to release yet another algorithm update and this time they are going to call it as the Zebra update. That is a merchant quality update.

While browsing through the latest SEO news it caught our attention.  A PressRelease from the SEO agency of Chicago that took initiative to inform the world on this new update. Finally, news on the SearchEngine Journal steals our attention. Is it really the “merchants doom”?

Generally, the updates, which Google releases mostly, affect the search engine rankings for the websites making money online. The recent update on the search algorithm called Hummingbird. Hummingbird had not done so much damage like Panda and Penguin but would Zebra affect this time equally.

At SXSW, Matt Cutts announced that after the Hummingbird they are planning to launch an update looking after the quality of the merchants. They do not low quality experience merchants to rank in the search results. Cutts further added in his remark that it will help Google to "spot whether someone is not a great merchant."

Google has a strong affinity for black and white animals yet Hummingbird appeared to be a little colorful in midst of the B/W frame. After Panda, Penguin, Zebra is obvious adaptation.

Zebra is going to be a serious blow for the e-commerce platform and affiliate marketers. How will e-commerce platform protect them from this effect? How will you determine the quality of your e-commerce platform?

In the SearchQuality Guidelines updated in November 2012, you will find that Google has claimed that they are looking for quality merchant to float in the web.

Under the subheading "Recognizing true merchants”, one can find the following provisions.

·         a "view your shopping cart" link that stays on the same site.
·         a shopping cart that updates when you add items to it.
·         a return policy with a physical address.
·         a shipping charge calculator that works.
·         a "wish list" link, or a link to postpone the purchase of an item until later.
·         a way to track FedEx orders.
·         a user forum that works.
·         the ability to register or log in.
·         a gift registry that works.

If a site does not follow the given guidelines then according to Google you will be thorn in the rotten basket.
The big question is that when Google will release this surprise basket?

If it does then the low quality merchants should start packing their bags or make improvement to their sites. Until Google officially declares about Zebra, there is nothing much to worry.


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