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Thursday, January 31, 2013

What Is Backlinks? Importance of Backlinks

Hello Friend’s earlier we discussed many important part of SEO, but it’s not enough. That’s why we came with a new topic which is also an important part of SEO, it Backlinks. We all know that main target of SEO is ranking well and promote own brand, but without the help of Backlinks it is not possible to do. There are many questions that come in your mind like, what is a backlink? How it works? And how to get benefit from it? That’s the reason today my discussion is all about your question on backlinks.

What Is Backlinks

Each site has their own links. As per I think backlinks are the hidden links which goes with your sites or blogs. Backlinks are also known as inbound links. Backlinks are essential for search engine optimization because the more you link to your sites to other sites there are more chances to come in the top of search engine index. If you have your own sites than the more backlinks you have is reliable in SERPs eye.

How Does Backlinks Works
Backlinks are essential part a website for their importance and popularity. The more backlinks you get to your sites the more importance and popular your sites become in the search engines. If your backlinks get from higher pagerank than your site gets more importance in search engine.

Always get quality backlinks from other sites whose content is related to your sites, unrelated content links considered less important by search engines. For example, if you have a computer related site and you get backlinks from a travel site which is not related to your site then your backlinks are less relevant to search engine. Otherwise your backlinks coming from computer related sites and the link gets more relevant to search engine.

If you think that search engine only consider more backlinks its wrong thinking because search engine only consider good quality backlinks.

Importance of backlinks

Backlinks (inbound) plays an important role in search engine optimization because when you build good links for your site, you get a higher capacity of being indexed by the search spiders. It also helps to gain more traffic to your web site. That’s doesn’t mean you have lots of links, you have good quality links for your sites. This is related to your content on your web sites. Search engine spider mainly Google gives more value to the number of quality backlinks.

If you get more links through exchange backlinks , then be careful because if you link to bad sites or not related to your content it would be dangerous for you. Otherwise if you exchange links with good site then its help your site to boost many ways.

That’s way backlinks are very important for your sites and be careful always to exchange link because it also harm your site as like boost your site.


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