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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Is Page Rank? A Little Education For New Comers

There are many topics to grow up your SEO knowledge and you learn step by step, but some topics you have to know well when you enter the SEO industry. Page Rank (PR) is this type of topic.

When we talk about page rank then it’s important who & how it’s discovered? Page rank (PR) was created by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. I hope you have heard the name of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google founders who developed the Page Rank. When Page and Brin met search liked those pages that had a highest keyword density. That denotes people could control the system by repeating the same phrase to attract higher search page results. Page Rank is the name, which likely came from Larry Page is patented by the Stanford.

How to Measure Page Rank

If Page Rank is the most important part in SEO then first question comes in our mind how Google measure’s web page ranks. Links are doing an important role in Page rank a web page. Like, you have a web site with the topics of Animal and you have most of links leading to them with the relevant link then your page rank going better. Page Rank thinks links as a vote and it make sense, because people don’t link their page with unrelated content. If you have more link that means you have a good relevant content than the others.

Rage Rank doesn’t end here; it’s also looking at the importance of the page that contains the link. If your pages are linked with higher Page Rank pages then your page have more weight to link with low Page Rank links.

The websites has a Page Rank between 0 to 10 in Google search engine and lets us know the status of the website and their respective pages. Google assigns Page Rank to every pages of a website – home page or other inner pages. To look into the Page Rank Google provides you with a toolbar, which helps you to check out the desirable Page Rank.


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